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Webinar offers tantalising glimpse into the future of logistics

A new webinar series is set to give fleet decision-makers a glimpse into the future of transport and logistics.

Webfleet Solutions has taken its popular industry show Let’s Explore online and will host a series of 2021 webinars led by industry experts, starting this month. 

As well as exploring upcoming trends in connected transport technology – from platooning to drones – each episode will shine a spotlight on the challenges currently facing companies and the technology that is available to help tackle them.

The first episode, entitled ‘Truck technology and overlooking the fundamentals’, will look at the impact of poor route planning and failure to use heavy vehicle specific navigation devices, with a particular focus on bridge strikes.

Presenters lined up for the debut webinar include Clare Waterfall, Sales and Marketing Director of abnormal load routing at Cascade Software, Lesley O’Brien OBE, Managing Partner of Freightlink Europe, and Webfleet Solutions’ resident transport and logistics telematics experts James Wyatt and Joe Coombs. 

Lesley O’Brien, who received an OBE for her work in championing inclusiveness, diversity and safety within the industry, will explore the practical ways operators can avoid bridge strikes and help drivers adapt to different vehicle heights. 

Clare Waterfall, whose company Cascade Software uses software solutions to check over 750,000 abnormal loan notifications every year in the UK, will provide an expert perspective on the specialist area of abnormal load route planning and approval, what can go wrong, and how to use technology to mitigate these risks.

Meanwhile, Webfleet Solutions’ James Wyatt will discuss navigation solutions available to heavy vehicle operators and why large-vehicle specific solutions are rarely used, whilst colleague Joe Coombs will assess what HGV routing is available to fleets in 2021 and look at the future of scheduling technology to reduce fleet risk.

Beverley Wise, Director UK and Ireland, Webfleet Solutions, said: “Bridge strikes are all too regular an occurrence on our roads, driven primarily by poor planning. 

“The consequences are far reaching, from economic damage caused by closed routes to the threat of infrastructure failures and costly rebuilds.

“For vehicle operators and drivers, involvement in such incidents can be damaging to both individual careers and entire companies.

“This webinar will look at the steps fleet decision-makers can take, and the technological processes they can implement, to help minimise the risks.”

‘Let’s Explore 2021 Episode 1 – Truck technology and overlooking the fundamentals – mapping & navigation’ will take place 11am-12noon on Tuesday April 13.  To attend, please register here.

Published On: 01/04/2021 14:00:38


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