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Legislation update – August 2023

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Keep abreast of the live government consultations, recently closed consultations and key announcements.

Consultations which opened in August 2023  

OTC - Guidelines for taking passengers to sporting events in Scotland  

Seeking views on the introduction of voluntary guidelines for operators carrying passengers to designated sporting events in Scotland. Released 30/08/2023 - closes 24/11/2023.  

DBT - Minimum service levels: Code of Practice on reasonable steps  

Consultation on draft Code of Practice outlining steps a trade union should take to comply with the Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Act 2023. Released 25/08/2023 - closes 06/10/2023.  

DVA - Changing the fees charged by Approved Tachograph Centres  

This consultation proposes changes to the fee structure to enable ATCs to receive a fair fee for the work they do. The DVA does not receive any portion of the fee collected; the DVA's work is funded separately via an annual licence fee. Released 21/08/2023 - closes 16/10/2023.  

Multi department - Border security: minimum service levels during strike action  

A consultation on new regulations to protect border security during strike action. Released 11/08/2023 - closes 21/09/2023.  

House of Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee - New inquiry launches into electric vehicles  

The aims of this inquiry are:   

To understand how the Government will achieve its upcoming 2030 and 2035 deadlines for the phase-out dates for non-zero emission vehicles, with a focus on passenger cars, as well as exploring the main obstacles and barriers to meeting these targets.  

To understand the costs, alongside the benefits, associated with the 2030 phase-out date, and to understand Government progress towards decarbonising car usage by this earlier date. Released 09/08/2023 - closes 15/09/2023.  

London Councils - London Parking and Traffic Enforcement Penalty Charges Consultation  

Parking, bus lane and moving traffic penalty charges have not been reviewed since 2010 and many of the charges have not changed since 2007. The number of people receiving penalty charges has increased by 50% over the last 12 years and London Councils are concerned that the current penalty levels are not set high enough to act as a deterrent. Released 01/08/2023 - closes 23/10/2023.  

Consultations which closed in August 2023  

HMRC - Introducing a voluntary standard for customs intermediaries  

HMRC welcomed views on the proposal to introduce a voluntary standard for customs intermediaries, with the aim of improving the quality of service across the sector. Released 05/06/2023 - closed 30/08/2023.  

Transport Committee - Future of transport data - Call for evidence  

The Transport Committee inquired into the potential uses of data to improve planning and delivery of transport services, maintenance and management of transport assets, and helping transport users get around more quickly, efficiently and safely. Released 30/06/2023 - closed 25/08/2023.  

Transport Committee - Strategic transport objectives - Call for evidence  

The Transport Committee inquired into how the Government sets its strategic transport objectives and how these objectives do - or should - influence investment in, and cross-government planning of, services, networks and infrastructure. Released 30/06/2023 - closed 25/08/2023.  

TfN - Strategic Transport Plan  

Transport for the North’s second Strategic Transport Plan (STP) sets out the vision, strategic ambitions and the North’s long-term strategic transport priorities up to 2050, creating a consistent framework for its work with government, local transport bodies and delivery bodies. Released 25/05/2023 - closed 17/08/2023.  

Welsh Parliament - Infrastructure (Wales) Bill  

The overarching aim of the Bill was to create a unified consenting process for infrastructure projects in Wales, detaching consenting from current, largely outdated and inadequate arrangements to a new form of consent, which contains the full range of authorisations required to enable development. Released 12/06/2023 - closed 11/08/2023.  

DVA - Changing the cost of driving tests and vehicle tests  

This consultation proposed an increase to the fees for some services provided by the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA). These included practical driving tests and vehicle tests for roadworthiness and roadside enforcement. Released 08/06/2023 - closed 03/08/2023.  


Announcements, August 2023  

31/08/2023 - DfT - Electric vehicle charging device grant scheme statistics: July 2023  

Electric vehicle charging statistics on the number of electric vehicle charging devices funded through grant schemes in the UK.  

29/08/2023 - CO - The Border Target Operating Model: August 2023  

This page contains the Border Target Operating Model, the final plans for a new approach to importing goods into Great Britain, that will be progressively introduced from the end of January 2024.  

25/08/2023 - DBT - Consultation will ensure essential public services maintain minimum service levels during strike action  

A new consultation will advise unions on reasonable steps they should take to ensure minimum service levels are achieved during strike action.  

24/08/2023 - DfT - Vehicle speed compliance statistics for Great Britain: 2022  

Estimates on vehicle compliance with speed limits on roads in Great Britain during 2022.  

17/08/2023 - DfT - Developing a framework for the local economic impact of airports  

Understanding how airports contribute to the local economy.  

16/08/2023 - Multi department - Vehicle licensing statistics: January to March 2023  

Licensed and registered motor vehicle statistics in Great Britain and the United Kingdom for January to March 2023.  

10/08/2023 - DfT - Road goods vehicles travelling to Europe: July 2022 to June 2023  

The number of powered vehicles and unaccompanied trailers carried on each route to Europe for July 2022 to June 2023.  

09/08/2023 - DfT - Renewable fuel statistics 2023: First provisional release  

Supply of renewable fuels for January to December 2023.  

09/08/2023 - DfT - Renewable fuel statistics 2022: Fifth provisional release  

Supply of renewable fuels for January to December 2022.  

03/08/2023 - NIO - Department for Infrastructure Annual Report and Accounts 2022-2023  

Department for Infrastructure Annual Report and Accounts, for the year ended 31 March 2023.  

03/08/2023 - NIO - Driver & Vehicle Agency - Annual Report and Statement of Accounts 2022-23  

Publication of the Driver & Vehicle Agency Annual Report and Statement of Accounts 2022-23, for the year ended 31 March 2023.  

03/08/2023 - DVSA - THINK! - Travel Like You Know Them Campaign  

Following a review of The Highway Code in 2020, changes were made in January 2022 to help improve road safety for cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders.    

03/08/2023 - DVSA - Hydrogen powered vehicles: process for attending statutory tests  

Whilst hydrogen technology in vehicles is still in its infancy, DVSA has an interim process for the requirements for these vehicles presented at statutory test.  

03/08/2023 - DfT - Government re-launch THINK! campaign in continued drive to improve road safety  

Campaign reminds people of important changes to the Highway Code.  

02/08/2023 - DVLA - DVLA launches new online account for motorists  

DVLA has launched its driver and vehicles account where you can opt for digital vehicle tax reminders and access your driving licence and vehicle details all in one place.  

02/08/2023 - DfT – North East to benefit from new funding for hydrogen transport  

Hydrogen-fuelled airport vehicles and supermarket delivery trucks could provide greener and more efficient journeys.  

01/08/2023 - DfT - How to use the HGV levy service  

Information about how to pay the HGV levy for non-UK HGVs.

Published On: 07/09/2023 15:00:00


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