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Legislation update – July 2022

Keep up to date with live government consultations, recently closed consultations and key announcements.

Live consultations (by date of release

DfT – Vehicle type approval: establishing a GB road vehicle approval scheme 

Proposes creating an approval scheme for new road vehicles in Great Britain, the scheme will replace the existing interim measures after leaving the EU. Released 01/06/2022 – closes 29/06/2022. 

TfL – Central London Bus Review 

TfL’s reliance on customer fares for the majority of its income means the effect of the pandemic on their finances has been devastating, requiring government support to keep public transport in London operating. Customer numbers have begun to recover, but are still significantly below pre-pandemic levels. The government set a number of conditions before it would provide emergency funding to enable TfL to keep operating, including requiring them to produce a plan to set out how they would achieve significant financial savings. This plan included reducing the extent of their bus network. Released 01/06/2022 – closes 12/07/2022. 

DfT – Williams-Shapps Plan for Rail: legislative changes to implement rail reform 

Seeks views on primary legislative changes required to effect rail reform as set out in the Williams-Shapps Plan for Rail. Released 09/06/2022 – closes 04/08/2022. 

Multi Department – HGV levy reform options: environmental charging and liability changes for foreign vehicles 

Proposes introducing a replacement HGV levy in which carbon dioxide emissions, estimated according to the weight of the vehicle, are taken into account. Released 20/06/2022 – closes 18/07/2022. 

Law Commission – Remote Driving 

The UK Government’s Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV) and the International Vehicle Standards team at the Department for Transport asked the Law Commission to clarify the current legal status of remote driving and consider whether reforms are needed. Released 24/06/2022 – closes 02/09/2022. 

DfT – Posting of road transport workers and operator licensing changes 

Seeks views on the requirement for UK goods vehicle operators to post declarations to carry out goods journeys within the EU, as well as the consolidation of regulations for foreign goods vehicles operating in the UK. Released 24/06/2022 – closes 05/08/2022. 

Transport Select Committee – Self-driving vehicles 

The House of Commons Transport Select Committee has launched an inquiry into self-driving vehicles. Released 27/06/2022 – closes 22/08/2022. 

Consultations which closed in June 

DfT – Protecting the public from repeat drug-driving offenders: call for evidence 

Sought evidence on the idea of creating a drug-drivers high-risk offender and rehabilitation scheme. Released 05/04/2022 – closed 28/06/2022. 

Welsh Government – One network, one timetable, one ticket: planning buses as a public service for Wales 

This white paper set out proposals for public transport bus services to better plan and grow the bus network. This will ensure it meets public needs, maximise the value the Welsh Government receives for its investment in bus services and break the reliance on private cars. Released 31/03/2022 – closed 24/06/2022. 

DfT – Taxi and private hire vehicle best practice guidance 

Sought views on the update to best practice guidance to be issued to taxi and private hire vehicle licensing authorities in England. Released 28/03/2022 – closed 20/06/2022. 

Low Pay Commission – Low Pay Commission consultation 2022 

LPC sought evidence on the effects of the National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage, to inform its recommendations on the 2023 rates. Released 28/03/2022 – closed 20/06/2022. 

DfT – Policy design features for the car and van zero emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate 

Sought additional views on the design of the UK’s ZEV mandate for cars and vans. Released 07/04/2022 – closed 10/06/2022. 

Transport Scotland – A96 Corridor Review 

In August 2021, the Scottish Government and Scottish Green Party Parliamentary Group agreed a Cooperation Agreement and a shared policy programme. As part of this shared policy programme, various agreed principles regarding investment in the transport network were set out. In relation to the A96, the Scottish Government committed to take forward a transport enhancements programme on the A96 corridor that will improve connectivity between surrounding towns, tackle congestion and address safety and environmental issues. Released 12/05/2022 – closed 10/06/2022. 

DEFRA – Designation of National Highways as a relevant public authority 

Sought views about the designation of National Highways as a relevant public authority. Released 28/03/2022 – closed 06/06/2022. 

DEFRA – Local air quality management policy guidance 

Sought views about a review of the local air quality management policy guidance. Released 28/03/2022 – closed 06/06/2022. 

DfT – The Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations 2009 – RID / ADR 2021 amendments 

DfT sought input on the potential cost/benefit impacts of the adopted RID / ADR 2021 amendments to businesses/organisations. Feedback was essential in providing DfT with the evidence-based cost/benefit analysis and will equip the government with the information to shape future policy developments. Released 09/05/2022 – closed 03/06/2022. 

DfT – Improving signage at private level crossings 

Proposed a new suite of signs for private level crossings on the railway to improve safety. Released 06/04/2022 – closed 01/06/2022. 

Announcements, June 2022 

29/06/2022 – DfT – Travel time measures for the Strategic Road Network and local ‘A’ roads: April 2021 to March 2022 

Travel time statistics on the Strategic Road Network and on locally managed ‘A’ roads for the year ending March 2022. 

29/06/2022 – DfT – Government launches country’s first ever investigation branch focused on road safety 

The Road Safety Investigation Branch (RSIB) will make independent safety recommendations and shape future road safety policy. 

29/06/2022 – DfT – £1 billion technology investment to bring railway into 21st century 

New funding for a more reliable and sustainable rail network. 

28/06/2022 – DfT – Quarterly bus statistics: January to March 2022 

Local bus passenger journeys and fares statistics in Great Britain for January to March 2022. 

27/06/2022 – DfT – Interim extension of Transport for London funding settlement 

An interim extension of the current Transport for London funding settlement has been granted until 13 July 2022. 

23/06/2022 – DfT – Maritime recovery route map 

The maritime recovery route map outlines actions that support the maritime sector's recovery from the impacts of COVID-19. 

22/06/2022 – Multi Department – Vehicle operator licensing: moving away from paper to improve our service to you 

In this latest joint blog from the Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain and the Department for Infrastructure in Northern Ireland, we find out about the latest developments to online operator licensing services for major applications. 

22/06/2022 – CO – Government funds HGV driver training programme for veterans 

The Office for Veterans’ Affairs provides £100,000 to charity Veterans Into Logistics, to support veterans to become HGV drivers. 

20/06/2022 – DfT – Reforming the heavy goods vehicle levy 

Government consultation seeks industry views on how the HGV levy could be reformed when the current suspension ends as planned in July 2023. 

17/06/2022 – BEIS – Electric motorbikes and off-road trucks to unlock growth and jobs across the UK 

£43.7 million joint industry and government funding to support the development of the latest green auto tech, including electric motorbikes and off-road vehicles. 

16/06/2022 – DVSA – Updating our vehicle approvals procedures 

Following the removal of all COVID-19 restrictions in England, Scotland and Wales earlier this year, DVSA has reviewed its vehicle approvals procedures. 

16/06/2022 – DfT – Vehicle speed compliance statistics for Great Britain: 2021 

Annual statistics on car compliance with speed limits on roads in Great Britain for 2021. 

15/06/2022 – DfT – Future of freight plan 

Cross-modal and cross-government plan for the UK freight transport sector published. 

15/06/2022 – DfT – Future of freight plan 

The first-ever cross-modal and cross-government plan for the UK freight transport sector. 

15/06/2022 – DfT – Boost for freight as government unveils major new plan to bolster supply chain 

Campaign launched to kickstart careers in logistics and create a more environmentally friendly and resilient haulage sector. 

14/06/2022 – DfT – Electric vehicle drivers: attitudes and behaviours 

A survey exploring attitudes to charging, behaviours and experiences of UK electric vehicle drivers. 

14/06/2022 – Multi Department – Plug-in grant for cars to end as focus moves to improving electric vehicle charging 

Government to concentrate funding on expanding the public chargepoint network as well as electric taxis, vans, trucks, motorcycles and wheelchair accessible vehicles. 

13/06/2022 – FCDO – Northern Ireland Protocol: the UK’s solution 

The UK Government sets out issues caused by the Protocol, and outlines solutions so that Northern Ireland can move forward, while protecting UK and EU markets. 

09/06/2022 – DfT – Consultation on primary legislative changes to reform our railways 

Seeking views on primary legislative changes required to effect rail reform as set out in the Williams-Shapps Plan for Rail. 

08/06/2022 – DfT – Port freight quarterly statistics: January to March 2022 

Provisional quarterly statistics on freight handled by UK major ports for January to March 2022. 

06/06/2022 – DfT – A1 in Northumberland: road improvements 

Deadline on decision to widen the Morpeth to Ellingham section of the A1 extended until December 2022. 

03/06/2022 – DfT – Major road and bridge upgrades to boost economic growth across the country 

Investment in transport schemes in Cornwall, Greater Manchester, Newcastle and Southampton. 

Published On: 07/07/2022 16:00:59


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