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Legislation update – April 2022

Discover more about live government consultations, recently closed consultations and key announcements.

Live consultations (by date of release

Defra – Local air quality management policy guidance 

Seeking your views about a review of the local air quality management policy guidance. Released 28/03/2022 – closes 06/06/2022. 

Defra – Designation of National Highways as a relevant public authority 

Seeking your views about the designation of National Highways as a relevant public authority. Released 28/03/2022 – closes 06/06/2022. 

LPC – Low Pay Commission consultation 2022 

Seeking evidence on the effects of the National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage, to inform our recommendations on the 2023 rates. Released 28/03/2022 – closes 20/06/2022. 

DfT – Taxi and private hire vehicle best practice guidance 

Seeking views on the update to best practice guidance to be issued to taxi and private hire vehicle licensing authorities in England. Released 28/03/2022 – closes 20/06/2022. 

Multi Department – Ending the sale of new, non-zero emission buses, coaches and minibuses 

Sets out proposals to end the sale of new, non-zero emission buses and seeks evidence about ending the sale of new, non-zero emission coaches and minibuses. Released 26/03/2022 – closes 21/05/2022. 

Multi Department – Developing the UK Emissions Trading Scheme (UK ETS) 

The UK ETS Authority – made up of the UK government, Scottish Government, Welsh Government and the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs in Northern Ireland – is seeking stakeholder views on proposals to develop the UK ETS which operates across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Released 25/03/2022 – closes 17/06/2022. 

Department for Transport – Repealing the EU port services legislation 

Proposes repealing the EU port services legislation as well as revoking or amending associated statutory instruments to support UK-specific ports regulation. Released 22/03/2022 – closes 22/04/2022. 

Department for Transport – Jet zero: updated evidence and analysis to inform our strategy for net zero aviation 

Further consultation on the updated evidence and analysis to inform the different pathways to achieve net zero aviation – or jet zero – by 2050. Released 21/03/2022 – closes 25/04/2022. 

Multi Department – Ending or extending temporary exemptions to road haulage cabotage 

Seeks views on the potential for continuing or ending the existing flexibility in road cabotage rules for foreign hauliers. Released 09/03/2022 – closed 23/03/2022. 

DfT – Traffic regulation orders: changes to publishing requirements and special events order approvals 

Suggests amending traffic regulation order (TRO) requirements that affect data sharing, publishing practices and approvals for certain special events orders. Released 07/03/2022 – closes 17/04/2022.  

Transport Select Committee – National Bus Strategy: One Year On 

The Transport Select Committee has launched an inquiry into scrutinising the implementation of the government's national bus strategy. Released 04/03/2022 – closed 01/04/2022.  

Transport Select Committee – Maritime 2050: objectives, implementation and effects 

The Transport Select Committee is scrutinising the government’s flagship maritime strategy, Maritime 2050. Released 02/03/2022 – closed 25/03/2022.  

Consultations which closed in March 

DVSA – Driving tests: improving availability and processes 

DVSA launched a consultation which included a measure to introduce digital pass certificates for all theory and practical tests including all categories of vocational tests. DVSA also asked all learners what they currently use their practical test certificates for. Released 25/01/2022 – closed 08/03/2022. 

National Highways – A27 Arundel Bypass Statutory Consultation 

National Highways consulted on proposals for the A27 Arundel Bypass Scheme, a new, approximately 8km dual carriageway incorporating proposals for the old A27. Released 11/01/2022 – closed 08/03/2022. 

Transport Scotland – Scotland's pavement parking prohibitions: pre-implementation directions and regulations for local authorities 

The Scottish Government has been working to improve parking legislation in Scotland in order to tackle the impact of inconsiderate and obstructive parking and ensure that their roads and pavements are accessible for all. Released 17/12/2021 – closed 11/03/2022.  

Leicester City Council – Workplace Parking Levy 

It is clear that if the council is to meet challenging decarbonisation, air quality and health ambitions, implement COVID-19 recovery plans, and deliver on people’s travel needs in a rapidly growing city, substantial additional funding will be needed to deliver the council's ambitious transport plans. Released 16/12/2021 – closed 13/03/2022.  

Oxfordshire County Council – Local Transport and Connectivity Plan (LTCP) 

Oxfordshire County Council opened a consultation on the local transport and connectivity plan which highlighted freight. Released 05/01/2022 – closed 16/03/2022. 

Department for Infrastructure – Inconsiderate Pavement Parking - Options Paper 

The Department undertook some exploratory work with a view to seeking a resolution to the difficulties caused by inconsiderate parking on the pavement. Released 21/12/2021 – closed 18/03/2022. 

Transport Select Committee – Maritime 2050: objectives, implementation and effects 

The Transport Select Committee scrutinised the government’s flagship maritime strategy, Maritime 2050. Released 02/03/2022 – closed 25/03/2022. 

Greater London Authority – London Plan Air Quality Neutral Guidance 

Guidance on setting Transport Emissions Benchmarks and trip rates for new B2 and B8 developments in London. Released 15/11/2021 – closed 25/03/2022. 

Welsh Affairs Select Committee – Grid capacity in Wales 

The Welsh Affairs Committee launched an inquiry exploring the implications of grid capacity issues for the energy sector in Wales, particularly in relation to Wales meeting its net zero targets. Released 01/02/2022 – closed 31/03/2022. 

Scottish Government – Draft National Planning Framework 4 

The Scottish Government opened a consultation seeking views and comments on the draft National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4), which will set out the Scottish Government’s priorities and policies for the planning system up to 2045 and how their approach to planning and development will help to achieve a net zero, sustainable Scotland by 2045. Released 10/11/2021 – closed 31/03/2022. 

Announcements, March 2022 

31/03/2022 – DVSA – Publishing our enforcement statistics 

The enforcement quarterly data from Q3 2019-20 to Q3 2021-22 has been published on GOV.UK. 

31/03/2022 – Multi Department – Pay boost for millions as National Minimum and Living Wage rates go up from today 

Millions of UK workers will receive a pay rise as the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage rise comes into effect. 

31/03/2022 – BEIS – Annual statement of emissions for 2020 

Thirteenth annual statement of emissions required under section 16 of the Climate Change Act 2008. 

31/03/2022 – DfT – Bus Service Operators Grant: guidance for community transport operators 

Updated to reflect the eligibility requirements for the new zero emission bus incentive, which operators will be eligible to claim for from 1 April 2022. 

31/03/2022 – Multi Department – Driver and rider testing and instructor statistics: October to December 2021 

Driver standards statistics on the numbers and pass rates for driving, riding theory, practical tests and registered driving and riding instructors. 

30/03/2022 – DfT – Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation Annual Report 2020 

Annual report on the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation for 2020. 

30/03/2022 – Multi Department – P&O Ferries: new powers to protect maritime workers 

Measures announced include ensuring that all UK ferry operators pay the national minimum wage and ferries are fit for purpose. 

30/03/2022 – DfT – Quarterly bus statistics: October to December 2021 

Local bus passenger journeys and fares statistics in Great Britain for October to December 2021. 

30/03/2022 – DfT – Transporting dangerous goods 

Update: Early use of EN 17339 notice added. 

29/03/2022 – DfT – Accessible transport: reference wheelchair report 

Findings from an assessment of the prevalence and use of wheeled mobility aids will help form an evidence base for the design of future transport. 

29/03/2022 – DfT – £2.5 million package announced to help disabled people travel more confidently 

Funding package to roll out a mobility service to help people unable to drive access alternative forms of transport, and to improve accessibility of ferry services. 

29/03/2022 – DfT – Reference wheelchair standard and transport design 

Explores the use of mobility aids in relation to the reference wheelchair standard and public transport. 

28/03/2022 – CO – Brexit guidance  

Find out how new Brexit rules apply to things like travel and doing business with Europe. 

28/03/2022 – DVSA – Driver testing services in Wales – lifting of COVID-19 driving test restrictions 

DVSA is lifting COVID-19 restrictions affecting driving tests in Wales from 28 March in line with the announcement that the some of the remaining Welsh restrictions are ending from this date. 

28/03/2022 – DVSA – Vehicle approval services: end to some COVID-19 restrictions in Wales 

The Welsh government has confirmed that some COVID-19 restrictions in place in Wales will end on 28 March 2022. 

26/03/2022 – Multi Department – UK on track to reach 4,000 zero emission bus pledge with £200 million boost 

Multimillion-pound package to deliver huge fleet of electric and hydrogen powered buses across England. 

25/03/2022 – HMRC – The Customs (Import and Export Declarations) (Amendment) Regulations 2022 

This tax information and impact note applies to anyone moving aid to support the victims of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. 

25/03/2022 – OZEV – Design considerations for electric vehicle chargepoints 

How the design of electric vehicle chargepoints can ensure a positive experience for consumers and those using the wider environment. 

25/03/2022 – OZEV – Apply for local electric vehicle infrastructure (LEVI) pilot funding 

Guidance for local authorities on how to apply for funding under the LEVI pilot scheme. 

25/03/2022 – BEIS – Automotive roadmap: driving us all forward 

This roadmap brings together the government’s policies designed to support the shift towards greener road transport. 

25/03/2022 – DfT – Lifecycle analysis of UK road vehicles 

Lifecycle assessment of greenhouse gas emissions from UK road vehicles. 

25/03/2022 – DfT – Transport Secretary declares zero tolerance for phone use behind the wheel as law changes today 

It is now illegal for motorists to use a handheld mobile phone under virtually any circumstance while driving. 

25/03/2022 – DfT – The Highway Code 

General rules, techniques and advice for all drivers and riders (103 to 158) – Updated rule 149 to clarify that the ban on using hand-held interactive communication devices when driving or supervising a learner driver covers all uses. Added guidance about using devices to make contactless payments. 

25/03/2022 – DfT – Response to CMA market study into UK electric vehicle charging 

Our response to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) market study into electric vehicle charging in the UK. 

25/03/2022 – Multi Department – Tenfold expansion in chargepoints by 2030 as government drives EV revolution 

New strategy to improve the consumer experience at chargepoints significantly supports people without access to off-street parking and provides fast charging for longer journeys. 

25/03/2022 – DfT – UK electric vehicle infrastructure strategy 

The vision and action plan for electric vehicle charging infrastructure within the United Kingdom. 

25/03/2022 – Multi Department – Electric vehicle charging infrastructure: help for local authorities 

Get help as a local authority with the rollout of chargepoint infrastructure and other electric vehicle information. 

25/03/2022 – Multi Department – Project launched to support EV chargepoint infrastructure rollout 

The new Geospatial Commission project will explore what electric vehicle chargepoint infrastructure data is needed by local authorities. 

24/03/2022 – HMRC – Using rebated fuels in vehicles and machines (Excise Notice 75) from 1 April 2022 

Find out when you can use rebated diesel or biodiesel in vehicles and other machinery from 1 April 2022. 

24/03/2022 – HMRC – Fuels for use in vehicles (Excise Notice 75) before 1 April 2022 

Find out which fuel you can legally use in different types of vehicle before 1 April 2022. 

24/03/2022 – HMRC – HMRC calls on businesses to get ready to move to customs IT platform over the summer 

23/03/2022 – HMRC – Employment Allowance increases to £5,000 from April 2022 

This tax information and impact note is about the increase in the maximum Employment Allowance from April 2022. 

23/03/2022 – CCS – Carbon Reduction Policy 

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is committed to achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2050.  

23/03/2022 – HMRC – Temporary Cut to Fuel Duty 

The government is cutting Fuel Duty for petrol and diesel by 5 pence per litre across the whole of the UK for 12 months, taking effect from 6pm on 23 March 2022. 

23/03/2022 – HMRC – Changes to Fuel Duty rates 

This tax information and impact note details technical amendments to the changes being introduced from 23 March 2022, to rates of Fuel Duty. 

22/03/2022 – DfT – Certificate of conformity for new vehicles 

The certificate of conformity ensures the free movement of goods and must be supplied to the buyer of a new vehicle when the vehicle is delivered. 

21/03/2022 – DVSA – Operating light goods vehicles in Europe? Apply now for your International Operators’ Licence 

New EU rules from 21 May 2022, will mean that operators or users of vans and other light goods vehicles over 2.5 tonnes and up to 3.5 tonnes in weight that transport goods for hire and reward from the UK into, or through the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, will need to obtain an International Operators’ Licence. 

21/03/2022 – Multi Department – Ship safety: amendments to merchant shipping regulations 

The Merchant Shipping (Safety Standards for Passenger Ships on Domestic Voyages) (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2022 (Grandfather Rights) amend existing legislation for older domestic passenger ships. 

21/03/2022 – DfT – Apply for a van or other light goods vehicle operator licence 

You need to apply for a vehicle operator licence if you'll use a van or other light goods vehicle to transport goods in Europe from 21 May 2022. 

21/03/2022 – DfT – Jet zero: modelling framework 

Updates to the Department for Transport’s aviation model. 

17/03/2022 – HMRC – The Excise Duties (Northern Ireland etc. miscellaneous modifications and amendments) (EU Exit) Regulations 2022 

This tax information and impact note is about changes to simplify moving goods from Great Britain or the Isle of Man to Northern Ireland from 1 April 2022. 

17/03/2022 – DfT – P&O Ferries: staff redundancies and suspension of services 

Long planned contingencies put into action to reduce disruption to travel for passengers and freight. 

17/03/2022 – HMRC – Map of Solent Freeport customs sites 

This map shows the Freeport customs site within Solent Freeport. 

16/03/2022 – DfT – Port freight quarterly statistics: October to December 2021 

Provisional quarterly statistics on freight handled by UK major ports for October to December 2021. 

15/03/2022 – DIT – UK announces new economic sanctions against Russia 

The UK government has announced a ban on exports to Russia of high-end luxury goods, while also hitting hundreds of key products with new import tariffs. 

15/03/2022 – DfT – Businesses to benefit from extension to plug-in van and truck grants 

Plug-in van and truck grants extended as part of government drive to decarbonise transport. 

14/03/2022 – DfT – All COVID-19 travel restrictions removed in the UK 

The government removed the remaining COVID-19 international travel restrictions for all passengers from 4am Friday 18 March. 

10/03/2022 – DIT – UK maritime turbocharged with new exports office as part of £4 billion shipbuilding strategy 

The International Trade Secretary announced a new exports office to turbocharge the UK’s maritime trade sector as part of a £4 billion investment in shipbuilding. 

10/03/2022 – DfT – Recovery operators: working with electric vehicles 

Understanding the hazards involved in the roadside recovery of electric and hybrid electric vehicles. 

10/03/2022 – DfT – Road lengths in Great Britain: 2021 

Road length statistics for publicly maintained roads in Great Britain for the year 2021. 

09/03/2022 – DfT – £11.6m boost for local authorities to tackle air pollution 

Air Quality Grants awarded across England to fund local projects for cleaner air. 

08/03/2022 – HMRC – The Customs (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2022 

This tax information and impact note is about the appropriate rights of review and appeal for traders. It also clarifies relevant legislation. 

08/03/2022 – BEIS – UK to phase out Russian oil imports 

The UK will phase out imports of Russian oil in response to Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine by the end of the year. 

08/03/2022 – ONS – Early insights into the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic and EU Exit on business supply chains in the UK 

Analysis of the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic and EU Exit on UK supply chains using survey data from the UK's Business Insights and Conditions Survey (BICS). 

08/03/2022 – DfT – Vehicle speed compliance statistics for Great Britain: October to December 2021 

Quarterly statistics on car compliance with speed limits on roads in Great Britain for October to December 2021. 

07/03/2022 – DfT – Impact of temporary traffic regulation orders during COVID-19 

Research into the impact of making temporary traffic regulation orders (TROs) during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

03/03/2022 – DfT – Road goods vehicles travelling to Europe: 2021 

Number of trips made by powered vehicles and unaccompanied trailers on each route to Europe for 2021. 

02/03/2022 – DIT – Notice to exporters 2022/04: introduction of new sanctions against Russia 

This notice advises that new trade sanctions measures have been imposed on Russia. 

02/03/2022 – DfT – Travel time measures for the Strategic Road Network and local ‘A’ roads: January to December 2021 

Travel time statistics on the Strategic Road Network and on locally managed ‘A’ roads for the year ending December 2021. 

01/03/2022 – DfT – Over £150 million provided to safeguard local transport services as the country emerges from the pandemic 

Funding will help local bus and light rail services across the country as millions of passengers return to the network. 

Published On: 07/04/2022 16:00:09


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