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Legislation update – September 2023

Keep abreast of the live government consultations, recently closed consultations and key announcements.

Consultations which opened in September 2023  

Oxfordshire County Council - Oxford zero emission zone pilot: scheme changes  

The Council is consulting on proposed changes to the charging scheme in the zero-emission zone pilot (ZEZ pilot) in Oxford city centre. Released 12/09/2023 - closes 24/10/2023.  

Consultations which closed in September 2023  

DfI - All-Island Strategic Rail Review - Strategic Environmental Assessment and Draft Report  

The All-Island Strategic Rail Review (AISRR) was launched jointly in 2021 by the Minister for Infrastructure in Northern Ireland and the Minister for Transport in Ireland. DfI now sought opinions on the Review’s draft report, and on the reports accompanying the associated Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) process required by law in both jurisdictions. Released 25/07/2023 - closed 29/09/2023.  

HMRC Bringing goods into the UK temporarily  

HMRC welcomed views on how it can improve the Temporary Admission procedure in the UK and simplify processes for traders and individuals. Released 29/06/2023 - closed 22/09/2023.  

Multi Department - Border security: minimum service levels during strike action  

This consultation focused on new regulations to protect border security during strike action. Released 11/08/2023 - closed 21/09/2023.  

DfLUHC - Operational reforms to the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) consenting process  

This consultation sought views on the details to the operational reforms which the government is looking to make to the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIP) consenting process. Released 25/07/2023 - closed 19/09/2023.  

House of Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee - New inquiry launches into electric vehicles  

The aims of this inquiry were:   

  • To understand how the government will achieve its upcoming 2030 and 2035 deadlines for the phase-out dates for non-zero emission vehicles, with a focus on passenger cars, as well as exploring the main obstacles and barriers to meeting these targets.  

  • To understand the costs, alongside the benefits, associated with the 2030 phase-out date, and to understand government progress towards decarbonising car usage by this earlier date.   

Released 09/08/2023 - closed 15/09/2023  

HMRC - The future of customs declarations  

HMRC welcomed views on potential simplifications to customs declarations and the use of technology to facilitate declarations and other customs processes. Released 29/06/2023 - closed 08/09/2023.  

Announcements, September 2023  

29/09/2023 - DfT - Government announces new long-term plan to back drivers  

Plan for drivers will sit alongside continued investment in public transport and active travel.  

28/09/2023 - DVSA - Individual Vehicle Approval: Vehicles imported from Japan  

DVSA is making some changes to the compliance requirements for vehicles imported from Japan.  

28/09/2023 - DfT- Government sets out path to zero emission vehicles by 2035  

80% of new cars and 70% of new vans sold in Great Britain set to be zero emission by 2030, increasing to 100% by 2035.  

28/09/2023 - DfT - £80 million funding delivered to improve and protect bus services  

Funding will protect essential bus services and allow local authorities to make the improvements that would most benefit their communities.  

28/09/2023 - DfT - Reported road casualties Great Britain, annual report: 2022  

Statistics on personal injury collisions on public roads in Great Britain for 2022.  

27/09/2023 - DfT - Travel time measures for the Strategic Road Network and local ‘A’ roads: July 2022 to June 2023  

Congestion on the Strategic Road Network (motorways and ‘A’ roads managed by Highways England), and on locally managed ‘A’ roads, for the year ending June 2023.  

26/09/2023 - Multi Department - Transport security: an introduction to UK capability  

Setting out the UK offer for improving the security of transport networks.  

26/09/2023 - DfT - Road freight statistics: April 2022 to March 2023  

Road freight transported by Great Britain and UK registered Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) in the UK and internationally from April 2022 to March 2023.  

22/09/2023 - DfT - EM on EU Regulations for motor vehicle requirements (C(23)4523)  

The government's summary of an EU regulation to amend technical requirements for certain motor vehicles advanced driver distraction warning systems.  

21/09/2023 - DVSA - Individual Vehicle Approval: Changes to the compliance requirements for passenger cars and light goods vehicles  

DVSA is making some changes to the compliance requirements for passenger cars and light goods vehicles. 

21/09/2023 - DVSA - HGV walkaround checks information now available in 22 languages  

HGV drivers can now find essential walkaround check information in different languages.  

20/09/2023 - PMO - New approach to net zero: international comparisons  

Slides to accompany the Prime Minister’s new approach to net zero.  

20/09/2023 - DVSA - We're updating the IVA inspection manual for heavy goods vehicles (N2 and N3)  

From 20 October 2023, some changes will take effect in the IVA inspection manual for heavy goods vehicles (N2 and N3). 

20/09/2023 - DVSA - Posting declaration: enforcement begins on 1 October  

From 1 October 2023, DVSA will begin enforcement of the posting declaration regulation for lorry drivers.  

17/09/2023 - DVSA - Reminder: 20mph speed limit changes in Wales  

From 17 September a default 20mph speed limit is in force on “restricted roads” across Wales.  

14/09/2023 - Multi Department - Driver and rider testing and instructor statistics: April to June 2023  

Driver standards statistics on the numbers and pass rates for driving, riding theory, practical tests and registered driving and riding instructors.  

14/09/2023 - DfT - International Green Corridor Fund  

Research match-funding to accelerate the development of green corridors to and from the UK.  

14/09/2023 - DfT - Clean Maritime Day package sets UK on course to make green shipping a reality and level up coastal communities  

Clean maritime measures to help decarbonise the UK's international shipping lanes, create new jobs and boost economic growth.  

13/09/2023 - DfT - Drivers' hours rules: benefits and disadvantages  

An exploration into the benefits and disadvantages of the working time and drivers’ hours regulatory frameworks.  

11/09/2023 - DVSA - Department for Transport announces funding to improve truck roadside facilities for lorry drivers  

The Department for Transport has announced £8m in funding to help improve truck roadside facilities for lorry drivers.  

11/09/2023 - DfT - Better facilities for lorry drivers as winners of £8 million funding revealed  

Government and industry funding to significantly upgrade truck stops for lorry drivers and support recruitment and workforce retention.  

11/09/2023 - DfT - £80 million boost for coastal communities and green shipping as London International Shipping Week gets underway  

Winners of the Zero Emission Vessel and Infrastructure fund will generate maritime jobs and develop new, clean technologies.  

08/09/2023 - HMRC - The Customs (Northern Ireland) (EU Exit) (Amendment) Regulations 2023  

This tax information and impact note is about movements from Great Britain to Northern Ireland and how businesses can claim relief from customs duties.  

07/09/2023 - DfT - Provisional road traffic estimates, Great Britain: July 2022 to June 2023  

Provisional estimates for road traffic in Great Britain for the year ending June 2023, by vehicle type and road class.  

06/09/2023 - DfT - Port freight quarterly statistics: April to June 2023  

Provisional quarterly statistics on freight handled by UK major ports for April to June 2023.  

05/09/2023 - DfT - New measures to support sustainable aviation fuel industry  

Government to introduce a revenue certainty scheme to support SAF production in the UK.  

01/09/2023 - DVSA - Update: upcoming 20mph speed limit changes in Wales  

The Welsh Government is introducing a default 20mph speed limit on “restricted roads” across Wales from 17 September.  

Published On: 05/10/2023 14:00:00


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