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Legislation update – May 2022

Find out about live government consultations, recently closed consultations and key announcements.

Live consultations (by date of release

DfT – Policy design features for the car and van zero emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate 

Seeks additional views on the design of the UK’s ZEV mandate for cars and vans. Released 07/04/2022 – closes 10/06/2022. 

DfT – Improving signage at private level crossings 

Proposes a new suite of signs for private level crossings on the railway to improve safety. Released 06/04/2022 – closes 01/06/2022. 

DfT – Protecting the public from repeat drug-driving offenders: call for evidence 

Seeks evidence on the idea of creating a drug-drivers high-risk offender and rehabilitation scheme. Released 05/04/2022 – closes 28/06/2022.  

Consultations which closed in April 

Transport Select Committee – National Bus Strategy: One year on 

The Transport Select Committee launched an inquiry into scrutinising the implementation of the government's national bus strategy. Released 04/03/2022 – closed 01/04/2022. 

DfT – Low carbon fuel strategy: call for ideas 

Invited proposals, ideas and areas to be addressed in the creation of a long-term low carbon fuels strategy for the transport sector. Released 07/02/2022 – closed 03/04/2022. 

TfWM – Reimagining transport in the West Midlands -- WMLTP5  

Sought views on the draft Core Strategy of the Local Transport Plan 5 (LTP5) for the West Midlands. Released 07/02/2022 – closed 04/04/2022. 

Scottish Government – 20% car kilometre reduction route map 

The Scottish Government opened a consultation on transport and non-transport policies that will be implemented to support car-use reduction. Released 13/01/2022 – closed 06/04/2022. 

Defra – Consultation on the reform of the waste carrier, broker, dealer registration system in England 

This proposal would update key regulations for people and businesses involved in transporting and managing waste. It will modernise the approach and create an effective and predominantly online system, making it easier to use and providing stronger powers to fight waste crime. Released 21/01/2022 – closed 15/04/2022. 

Scottish Government – Strategic Transport Projects Review 2 

This consultation is on the draft second Strategic Transport Projects Review (STPR2) for Scotland. The review will inform Scottish Ministers’ decisions on transport investment in Scotland for the next 20 years (2022-2042). Released 20/01/2022 – closed 15/04/2022. 

DfT – Traffic regulation orders: changes to publishing requirements and special events order approvals 

Suggests amending traffic regulation order (TRO) requirements that affect data sharing, publishing practices and approvals for certain special events orders. Released 07/03/2022 – closed 17/04/2022. 

DfT – Repealing the EU port services legislation 

Proposed repealing the EU port services legislation as well as revoking or amending associated statutory instruments to support UK-specific ports regulation. Released 22/03/2022 – closed 22/04/2022. 

DfT – Jet zero: updated evidence and analysis to inform our strategy for net zero aviation 

Further consultation on the updated evidence and analysis to inform the different pathways to achieve net zero aviation – or jet zero – by 2050. Released 21/03/2022 – closed 25/04/2022. 

DfT – Use of maritime shore power in the UK: call for evidence 

Call for evidence gathering information on the costs, benefits, vessel emissions and options for increasing the use of shore power in the UK. Released 07/02/2022 – closed 25/04/2022. 

Announcements, April 2022 

30/04/2022 – DfT – New trial to banish loud engines and exhausts on Britain’s noisiest streets 

Innovative noise cameras will provide evidence for police to take action against rowdy motorists, helping communities to enjoy peaceful public and residential spaces. 

29/04/2022 – OZEV – EV infrastructure grant for staff and fleets: customer guidance 

Apply for funding to install electric vehicle (EV) chargepoint infrastructure in parking reserved for staff or a company fleet as a small or medium sized company. 

25/04/2022 – DfT – Motorists to avoid annual EU price hike thanks to Brexit powers 

Controversial EU Vnuk motor insurance law one step closer to being removed from British law, as bill passes through Parliament.

23/04/2022 – Multi Department – Temporary relaxation of the enforcement of the retained EU drivers’ hours rules: all road haulage sectors in Great Britain 

Update: the relaxation of the rules that applied until 8 May 2022, subject to review, will terminate early at 11.59pm on 22 April 2022. If you made use of the relaxation, you must submit a completed follow-up notification form by 29 April 2022. 

21/04/2022 – HMRC – VAT road fuel scale charges from 1 May 2022 to 30 April 2023 

Use these road fuel charges from 1 May 2022 on your VAT return, to account for private consumption of fuel on a business vehicle. 

21/04/2022 – DfT – Zero Emission Flight Delivery Group terms of reference 

The purpose, objectives, membership and role of the Zero Emission Flight Delivery Group. 

21/04/2022 – DfT – Electric vehicle charging device statistics: April 2022 

Electric vehicle charging statistics on the number of publicly available electric vehicle charging devices in the UK. 

20/04/2022 – DVSA – Revised guidance on categorisation of defects 

DVSA’s revised guidance on how it categorises vehicle defects in roadside checks has been published today, 20 April 2022. 

20/04/2022 – Multi Department – Planes running on batteries and hydrogen to become a reality under new group of aviation experts 

A new group of aviation experts across industry and government will work together to make zero emission flight a reality. 

20/04/2022 – Multi Department – Automated vehicles: testing proposed wording used in The Highway Code 

Outlines the findings of cognitive testing research into whether the revised Highway Code wording about automated vehicles was clearly understood by drivers. 

20/04/2022 – Multi Department – Britain moves closer to a self-driving revolution 

Changes to The Highway Code will help ensure the first wave of self-driving vehicles is used safely on UK roads. 

20/04/2022 – Multi Department – Self-driving vehicles listed for use in Great Britain 

Check if a vehicle is listed as self-driving for use in Great Britain. 

14/04/2022 – DVSA – Vehicle approval services: legal requirement on face coverings will become guidance in Scotland 

13/04/2022 – DfT – Demand responsive transport: local authority toolkit 

How local authorities can implement a demand responsive transport service that can benefit communities. 

13/04/2022 – DfT – Zero emission buses: local authority toolkit 

How local authorities can decarbonise local bus services. 

13/04/2022 – DfT – Transport in rural areas: local authority toolkit 

How local authorities can encourage sustainable transport options in rural areas. 

13/04/2022 – DfT – Decarbonising road freight, servicing and deliveries: local authority toolkit 

How local authorities can support decarbonisation of freight. 

13/04/2022 – DfT – Zero emission fleets: local authority toolkit 

How local authorities can switch to electric vehicles and help councils to meet net zero targets. 

13/04/2022 – DfT – Exemptions to the Public Service Vehicles Accessibility Regulations (PSVAR) 2000 

Detailed analysis on the costs and benefits to industry of exemptions from accessibility regulations, and consideration for the public sector equality duty. 

13/04/2022 – DfT – Apply for an exemption from PSVAR accessibility regulations for home-to-school or rail replacement services 

Apply for an exemption from the Public Service Vehicles Accessibility Regulations (PSVAR) 2000 for home-to-school or rail replacement coach services. 

13/04/2022 – Multi Department – £20 million to improve roadside facilities for HGV drivers 

Heavy goods vehicle drivers to benefit from £20 million of funding for better roadside facilities. 

13/04/2022 – DfT – Government awards nearly £2 million to innovative transport proposals 

More efficient and greener transport systems one step closer as entrepreneurs and innovators awarded government funding to develop their projects. 

12/04/2022 – OTC – Updates to the Senior Traffic Commissioner’s Statutory documents 

A series of amendments to the Senior Traffic Commissioner’s Statutory documents was published, incorporating the new regulations on LGVs across the guidance. 

12/04/2022 – DfT – Government pledges £7.6 million for rail innovation 

Funding given to create cutting-edge technology that will help transform rail travel. 

11/04/2022 – DfT – DfT appoints Nick Denton to new independent aviation panel 

The Traffic Commissioner for West Midlands has been appointed to lead a new independent aviation panel to strengthen transparency at the Civil Aviation Authority. 

11/04/2022 – Multi Department – Temporary relaxation of the enforcement of the retained EU drivers’ hours rules: all road haulage sectors in Great Britain 

Temporary relaxation of the retained EU drivers’ hours for drivers undertaking carriage of goods by road. 

11/04/2022 – DVSA – HGV and PSV inspection manuals have now been updated 

Updated HGV and PSV manuals were published on 11 April 2022. 

07/04/2022 – DfT – Government invests in innovation with £30 million for cutting-edge highway decarbonisation projects 

Funding will support pioneering projects to decarbonise local highways infrastructure across the UK. 

06/04/2022 – DfT – Shipping fleet statistics: 2021 

United Kingdom and world shipping fleets statistics on 31 December 2021. 

05/04/2022 – DVSA – New print version of The Highway Code is available to buy 

The new printed version of The Highway Code is available in shops. 

05/04/2022 – DfT – Expression of interest for a UK heavy goods vehicle (HGV) intermodal trial 

Appraising interest levels of haulage industry representatives to participate in an intermodal freight trial. 

05/04/2022 – DfT – Review of the drink drive rehabilitation course 

Reviews the current drink drive rehabilitation course and explores the feasibility of offering offenders a combined drink and drug drive rehabilitation course. 

05/04/2022 – DfT – Proposals for a high risk offenders drug driving scheme 

Report from an expert panel outlining recommendations for implementing a high risk offender scheme for drug drivers. 

05/04/2022 – DfT – Transport Secretary cracks down on drug-driving to protect the public 

Call for evidence launched to determine whether convicted drug-drivers should have to complete a rehabilitation course before resuming driving. 

04/04/2022 – DfT – Cheaper and better buses in £7 billion package to level up transport outside London 

Funding for major local transport schemes across the UK will speed up journeys and make services more reliable and greener. 

04/04/2022 – DfT – City Region Sustainable Transport Settlements: confirmed allocations 

Letters to metro mayors confirming settlements for the seven city regions currently eligible for a share of the £5.7 billion City Region Sustainable Transport Settlements. 

04/04/2022 – DfT – First of a Kind rail innovation programme: evaluation 

Evaluation of rounds 1 to 3 of the First of a Kind rail innovation programme. 

01/04/2022 – DVSA – Maintenance investigations assessment guidance is being updated 

Following feedback, the Maintenance Investigation Visit Reports (MIVR), which DVSA carries out to ensure operators have the right systems and facilities in place to maintain their vehicles, are changing. 

01/04/2022 – DVSA – Reminder: Updated versions of the M1 and N1 IVA inspection manuals take effect from today 

Updated M1 (passenger cars) and N1 (light goods) IVA manuals took effect from 1 April 2022. 

Published On: 05/05/2022 16:00:12


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