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Legislation update – March 2022

Find out about the latest government consultations, recently closed consultations and key announcements.

Live consultations (by date of release

DfT – Mobility as a Service: code of practice 

Seeks views on the content that could be included in the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) code of practice. Released 08/02/2022 – closes 03/05/2022. 

DfT – Transport labour market and skills 

Seeking views and ideas on the most significant labour market and skills challenges across the transport sector to inform future strategy. Released 07/02/2022 – closes 09/05/2022.  

Multi Department – Call for evidence: An Independent Customs Regime 

HMRC & HMT welcome views on how they can improve the UK’s customs system by simplifying processes for traders and embracing innovation. Released 07/02/2022 – closes 02/05/2022.  

DfT – Use of maritime shore power in the UK: call for evidence 

Call for evidence gathering information on the costs, benefits, vessel emissions and options for increasing the use of shore power in the UK. Released 07/02/2022 – closes 25/04/2022. 

DfT – Low carbon fuel strategy: call for ideas 

Invites proposals, ideas and areas to be addressed in the creation of a long-term low carbon fuels strategy for the transport sector. Released 07/02/2022 – closes 03/04/2022.  

Consultations which closed in February 

DfT – Whole industry strategic plan for rail: call for evidence 

Invited responses on how rail can support long-term national objectives to inform the development of a 30-year strategic plan for the rail industry. Released 09/12/2021 – closed 04/02/2022. 

South East of Scotland Transport Partnership – SEStran 2035 – Draft Regional Transport Strategy 

It is essential that the RTS addresses the transport problems and issues being experienced in the SEStran area. The purpose of this Draft RTS was to set out these challenges and how SEStran proposes to respond to them and to provide an opportunity for consultation and engagement prior to finalising the strategy. Released 16/11/2021 – closed 11/02/2022. 

DfT – Survey 2022 on the effects of the carriage of dangerous goods and use of transportable pressure equipment regulations 2009 

The Department for Transport (DfT) carried out a post-implementation review (PIR) of The Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations 2009 as amended (CDG 2009). Released 17/01/2022 – 17/02/2022.  

DfT – Cultural events road haulage: temporary transfer of vehicles between operator licences for cross border tours 

Proposal allowing specialist events haulage companies to transfer their vehicles between a GB operator licence and an operator licence registered in another location. Released 04/02/2022 – closed 18/02/2022. 

HMT – Landfill Tax Review: Call for Evidence 

This call for evidence sought views on aspects of Landfill Tax, to ensure the tax continues to support the government’s ambitious environmental objective. Released 30/11/2021 – closed 22/02/2022. 

Announcements, February 2022 

28/02/2022 – DVSA – Vehicle approval services: end to COVID-19 restrictions in England 

On 21 February 2022, the government confirmed that all COVID-19 restrictions in place in England would end on 24 February 2022. 

Following the government’s decision, DVSA is reviewing the COVID-19 standard operating procedures for its vehicle approval services. 

25/02/2022 – DLUHC – Progress on devolution in England: government response to the Select Committee report 

A response by the government to the Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Committee's report on progress on devolution in England. 

25/02/2022 – DfT – Government agrees £200 million deal to keep vital Transport for London services running 

Announcing a fourth extraordinary funding and financing package for TfL ensuring the continued running of London’s transport network. 

24/02/2022 – DfT – River Tyne tunnels: Transport and Works Act order 

Application to update the River Tyne (Tunnels) Order 2005 to reflect a change in the handling of toll payments. 

24/02/2022 – DVSA – Local appeals for heavy vehicle test annual test (MOT) results 

DVSA is introducing a local appeals process for lorry, trailer and bus/coach annual test (MOT) results on 28 February 2022. 

24/02/2022 – DVSA – Changes to vocational driving licence acquisition and the motorcycle riding test 

The regulations to change the rules on engine capacity for motorcycles used for category A2 motorcycle tests and changes to some categories of vocational driving licences came into force on 1 March 2022. 

23/02/2022 – DfT – Reported road casualties Great Britain: Injury severity within injury-based reporting systems 

A summary of statistics on injury severity and injury type, for reported road casualties in police forces using injury-based reporting systems. 

23/02/2022 – DVSA – What the driving test eyesight check might be like in the future 

DVSA is currently consulting on a range of proposals to encourage learner drivers to be better prepared to take their driving test. 

21/02/2022 – DfT – Transport for London funding extension: 25 February 2022 

The current Transport for London funding settlement has been extended to 25 February 2022. 

14/02/2022 – Multi Department – Retractable or foldable aerodynamic rear devices on heavy goods vehicles 

Using retractable or foldable aerodynamic rear devices on heavy goods vehicles. 

14/02/2022 – DfT – HGV operators can now use aerodynamic features and longer cabs to reduce fuel consumption and emissions 

11/02/2022 – DfT – Temporary relaxation of the enforcement of the retained EU drivers’ hours rules: all road haulage sectors in Great Britain 

The temporary relaxation to drivers’ hours rules has ended. If you made use of the relaxation that applied until 11:59pm on 10 February 2022, you must submit a completed follow-up notification form by 17 February 2022. 

10/02/2022 – DVSA – Text message alerts for tests rearranged by DVSA 

DVSA has started to send text messages to candidates with a practical test booking that needs to be cancelled, rearranged or put on hold. 

08/02/2022 – OTC – Goods vehicle operator licensing guide -- This guide is currently under review 

Guidance notes for the vehicle operator licensing system. 

07/02/2022 – NIO – Northern Ireland Office moves to UKG Hub in Heart of Belfast 

The NIO is relocating from Stormont to a new home in the heart of Belfast as part of its mission to make Northern Ireland a better place to live, work and invest. 

07/02/2022 – DfT – Transport for London funding extension February 2022 

The current Transport for London funding settlement has been extended to 18 February 2022. 

07/02/2022 – DfT – Call for transport leaders to help 'super-charge' skills and build future workforce 

Consultation launched to better understand the skills needed to boost diversity, plug the skills gap and promote careers in the transport sector. 

07/02/2022 – DfT – Green shipping boost as Maritime Minister announces plans to explore shore power 

Call for evidence launches as government aims to accelerate maritime decarbonisation by switching to emissions-cutting shore power at UK ports. 

02/02/2022 – Oxfordshire County Council – Oxford Zero Emission Zone launch 

The Oxford Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ) pilot will begin on 28 February. It will be Britain’s first ZEZ and will launch in a small number of streets in the city centre. 

02/02/2022 – DLUHC – Levelling Up the United Kingdom 

Levelling up is a moral, social and economic programme for the whole of government. The Levelling Up White Paper sets out how we will spread opportunity more equally across the UK. 

01/02/2022 – DVSA – DVSA enforcement sanctions policy 

Update for February 2022: Action Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) traffic examiners take to deal with offences, including warnings, prohibition notices, and fixed penalties. 

Published On: 03/03/2022 16:00:02


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