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Legislation update - April 2024

Consultations which opened in April 2024 

DfT - Sustainable aviation fuels revenue certainty mechanism: revenue certainty options 

Seeks views on revenue certainty options to support a sustainable aviation fuels industry in the UK. Released 25/04/2024 - closes 20/06/2024. 

DfT - Consultation on the VAT Treatment of Private Hire Vehicles 

Consultation on the potential tax impacts of recent High Court judgments on transport legislation on the private hire vehicle sector and its passengers. Released 18/04/2024 - closes 08/08/2024. 

DfT - Amendments to licensing restrictions: bus, coach and heavy goods vehicles 

Seeks views on the amendments to licensing restrictions to address bus, coach and HGV driver shortages. Released 11/04/2024 - closes 05/06/2024. 

DfT - Adapting the UK’s transport system to the impacts of climate change 

Seeks views on the transport adaptation strategy, which includes actions and policies to enhance climate adaptation planning and action across the sector. Released 03/04/2024 - closes 31/05/2024. 

LPC - Low Pay Commission consultation 2024 

The Low Pay Commission is seeking evidence to inform its advice on the minimum wage in 2025 and beyond. Released 02/04/2024 - closes 07/06/2024. 


Consultations which closed in April 2024 

DfT - Smarter regulation: proposed changes to legislation for electrically assisted pedal cycles 

Sought views on proposed changes to the regulations on electrically assisted pedal cycles (EAPCs or e-cycles). Released 29/02/2024 - closed 25/04/2024. 

DESNZ - Future policy framework for biomethane production: call for evidence 

DESNZ was seeking evidence to help develop a future policy framework for biomethane production to maximise the potential of the biomethane market. Released 29/02/2024 - closed 25/04/2024. 

DfT - Enabling road use of hydrogen-powered non-road mobile machinery 

Sought views on whether hydrogen-powered non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) should be legally permitted to operate on roads. Released 27/03/2024 - closed 24/04/2024.  

CMA - Rail, Road and Inland Waterway Transport Block Exemption Regulation consultation 

The CMA was reviewing the Rail, Road and Inland Waterway Transport Block Exemption Regulation. Released 11/03/2024 - closed 10/04/2024.  

DLUHC - Changes to various permitted development rights: consultation 

This consultation sought views on changes to several existing permitted development rights that allow for householder development, building upwards to create new homes, the demolition of certain buildings and rebuild as homes, electric vehicle charge points and air source heat pumps. Released 13/02/2024 - closed 09/04/2024. 

DfT - Review of transport infrastructure legislation: definitions for highway and railway Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects in the Planning Act 2008 

A call for evidence to review how road and rail Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects are defined in the Planning Act 2008. Released 07/03/2024 - closed 05/04/2024. 


Announcements, April 2024 

30/04/2024 - DfT - Electric vehicle public charging infrastructure statistics: April 2024 

The number of publicly available electric vehicle charging devices in the UK. 

29/04/2024 - DVSA - Reminder: changes to annual heavy vehicle testing start today 

From Monday 29 April 2024, DVSA will no longer be issuing paper certificates for heavy vehicles (HGVs/PSVs, trailers) that have passed their annual test. 

26/04/2024 - DfT - Providing accessible information onboard local bus and coach services 

Helping operators provide audible and visible information on bus and coach services across England, Scotland and Wales. 

25/04/2024 - DfT - Aviation fuel plan 

Measures announced to give UK aviation and the SAF industry the certainty to keep creating skilled British jobs while ensuring air travel is fit for the future. 

22/04/2024 - DVLA - 1 million motorists have set up a Driver and vehicles account with DVLA 

DVLA has reached the milestone of one million motorists having set up a Driver and vehicles account. 

17/04/2024 - HMRC - VAT road fuel scale charges from 1 May 2024 to 30 April 2025 

Use these road fuel charges from 1 May 2024 on your VAT return, to account for private consumption of fuel on a business vehicle. 

17/04/2024 - DESNZ - UK renewables deployment supply chain readiness 

Investigation into supply chain constraints across key renewable and network technology supply chains up to 2035. 

17/04/2024 - DfT - £1.3 million to back cutting-edge transport projects 

Organisations and academics can apply for TRIG funding to research innovative ideas to improve transport in the UK. 

16/04/2024 - DVSA - Commercial vehicle fleet compliance report for 2020 to 2022 

DVSA has published the results for commercial vehicle fleet compliance.  

This 2020 to 2022 report summarises the roadworthiness and traffic compliance of:  

  • All heavy goods vehicles and trailers. 

  • Great Britain registered public service vehicles. 

11/04/2024 - DfT - EM on EU legislation about end-of-life vehicles (COM(2023)451) 

The government's summary of EU legislation about end-of-life vehicles and type approval with respect to their reusability, recyclability and recoverability. 

11/04/2024 - DVSA - Have your say on proposed change to vocational licences 

On 11 April, the Department for Transport (DfT) launched a consultation on amendments to Licensing Restrictions: Bus, Coach and Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs). 

11/04/2024 - DfT - New proposals just the ticket for getting young people into transport 

Proposals could improve job opportunities for people aged 18 to 20, ease driver shortages and provide more reliable bus and coach services across England. 

10/04/2024 - DfT - Revealed: the roads being resurfaced in your area thanks to reallocated HS2 funding 

An additional £8.3 billion has been allocated to 102 more authorities across England for local road improvements. 

09/04/2024 - DVLA - New features added to the Driver and vehicles account 

Motorists are now able to complete the 10-year renewal of their driving licence and apply for a first provisional licence through the Driver and vehicles account. 

05/04/2024 - DfT - New green international shipping routes backed by government funding 

Investment into zero emission routes to and from the UK will help create long-term sustainability and keep our waters clean. 

04/04/2024 - Multi Department - Clean air zone service annual report 2021 to 2022 

Clean air zone service annual report from 15 March 2021 to 15 March 2022. 

03/04/2024 - DVSA - Looking to the future of the MOT 

Neil Barlow, Head of Vehicle Policy & Engineering, talks about what the DVSA are currently working on following the publication of the consultation on the MOT. 

Published On: 02/05/2024 14:00:00


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