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For logistics to breakthrough as a top career of choice, it will take a movement.

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You can’t have missed it

Generation Logistics is a sector-led, government-backed campaign that, since mid-August 2022, has been shaking up perceptions of what logistics can offer to the next generation of career-seeking talent.

Brave, challenging, on-the-front-foot communications have defined the campaign’s launch year. Over 3.3 million interactions* have been stimulated through creative, youth-centric PR and social campaigns, supported by radio and out of home advertising. has fast-become a trusted careers resource, bold and fresh in appeal, attracting over 640,000 visits* – and growing.

In its second momentum-building year, new social-savvy tools and interactive resources will magnify the campaign’s message to "Be Generation Logistics" to 13-24 year olds specifically, and highlight the industry’s diverse opportunities. 

Partnering with a world-leading education provider, the campaign will also make its mark in classroom sessions, championed through a spin-off hub for educators and a 290-strong army of bright-spark ambassadors.

* 11 months into Year One of the campaign to target audience (social media engagements).


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“The campaign can’t afford to stand still - nor will it!” says Logistics UK’s President, Phil Roe.

To build on Year One’s success will take not only innovative youth marketing, but importantly, dedicated industry direction and sponsorship to make the kind of ambitious impact that’s vital to a flourishing UK plc.

Getting behind the campaign is a solid investment in creating a talent pipeline, by winning over the next generation of young professionals with a future-focused look at how the movement of goods will be accelerated by new technologies and performance enhancements.

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Change is coming – are YOU ready?

Generation Logistics’ Partners come together for a common cause – attracting and retaining a skilled workforce to deliver for the nation and protect the supply chain.

A united workforce that is inclusive of talent from every background which can embrace everything from the metaverse to AI, advanced robotics to autonomous vehicles and take charge of logistics’ most-challenging projects, like the decarbonisation of the supply chain and the race to net zero.

Solving these hot topics will have a significant impact on UK PLC: the contribution made by the industry’s current workforce accounted for £163bn (12%) 1 of the UK economy (Gross Value Added) in 2021 and the opportunities for growth, both in personal and financial terms, are limitless.

Hear the Stories of those already standing up for the sector, saying "I am Generation Logistics".


1 Source: Non-financial business economy, UK: Sections A to S. ONS, 2023. Repgraph analysis for Logistics UK.


The Benefits of Sponsorship

Supporting Generation Logistics will deliver many benefits for your business and your staff: 

  • Alongside industry peers and government, your active participation will place your organisation in the middle of game-changing conversations between media, politicians, potential recruits, and your customers
  • Involving your people in campaign opportunities recognises their contribution, powerfully changes perceptions and earmarks your organisation as a place to build rewarding careers
  • Investing in the campaign signals that you want to turn the tide for your organisation’s long-term sustainability and protect the nation’s supply chain

That’s just for starters.

Discover the full menu of benefits in store for Gold and Silver Sponsors and Trade Association partnership.

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Generation Logistics was created through a collaboration between Logistics UK, and CILT (UK).

This is an industry-led campaign, backed by government, with DfT acting as the lead supporting Department.