Generation Logistics

A Major careers and awareness campaign to promote the whole logistics industry

Of course it’s about keeping food on the shelves and providing our factories, shops, hospitals and schools with the supplies they need.

It’s bigger, even, than an unprecedented vaccine response to an unprecedented global health crisis.

Logistics is vital to keeping Britain trading, directly impacting over seven million people employed in making, selling and moving the goods that affect everyone everywhere.

It’s about being part of an industry critical to how we live. Being part of a sector at the vanguard of innovation and technology; of artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, autonomous vehicles and the decarbonisation of the supply chain.

It’s the building of tomorrow’s world, through the ingenuity, skill and ambition of today’s people. People of all backgrounds, from all walks and stages of life. Whether just starting out, returning to the workforce, or changing direction.

This is a new, diverse generation of talent that’ll come together as one, meet challenges big and small, and keep the world turning.

This is Generation Logistics.

Generation Logistics is initially a 12 month programme of engagement and promotional activities which aims to:

  • Bring the industry together.
  • Shift perceptions of the industry.
  • Encourage the next generation of logistics workers to engage with the opportunities available and keep the nation’s supply chain protected.

Generation Logistics was created through a collaboration between Logistics UK, and CILT (UK). This is an industry-led campaign but will be fully supported by government, with DfT acting as lead supporting Department. We’re delighted that we have already exceeded our targets for industry support and sponsorship – but it’s not too late to get involved.

If the first year is as successful as we hope it will be, then Generation Logistics could be extended to sustain and grow its impact over time.

Why should you sponsor Generation Logistics?

Generation Logistics is a huge opportunity to shift perceptions and recruit the staff we need. The Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsorship packages give sponsors exclusive benefits, including:

  • Be seen as a leading organisation in the industry across the UK.
  • Be seen as a driving force of Generation Logistics by government, media, potential recruits, your customers and your staff through wide reaching campaigns, and licence to use ‘official sponsor’ status across your communications, collateral and physical infrastructure.
  • Change perceptions of the sector and attract new entrants to the logistics workforce.
  • Generate extensive media coverage for your business and its involvement in the campaign, including coverage in official press releases.
  • Build a nationwide platform for your brand.
  • Directly recruit employees through the main web site for the campaign. The central ‘hub’ will be the destination for all campaign communications. As well as direct recruitment from the site, and backlinks to your website, sponsors also benefit from exclusive branding opportunities across the hub and campaign collateral.
  • Leverage the wide reach of the campaign in your own social and digital marketing activity, with access to ‘hub’ visitor data, and tagging and boosting in social posts.
  • Piggyback on the extensive social media reach of the campaign, and get insights and learnings for your team, from the agency, on how to run successful social and digital campaigns with hard to reach groups.
  • Speaking and exhibition opportunities at official campaign events.
  • Networking and relationship building opportunities at events and a House of Commons reception.
  • Influence over sponsorship and campaign communications through membership of steering groups.

How do I get involved?

To make the most impact, to change the way people think about logistics, and ultimately to get more people working in the sector, we need a powerful campaign to kick off Generation Logistics. That means we need the industry to come together and support the campaign with sponsorship to make it possible. The individual return for sponsors is already substantial, but you’ll also play an instrumental part in making it happen, and attracting funding from government so that we can really maximise our impact.

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