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  • Keeping Your Show on the Road 
    Recognising those companies that forearm their drivers and operators with knowledge to prepare them for all eventualities. Whether that takes the form of regular industry briefings, weather alerts, traffic updates, technical guidance on recalls or known vehicle faults, seasonal guidance for vehicle checking and more!

  • Innovative Van Business of the Year
    To recognise companies implementing solutions that are future focussed and featuring new and unique methods targeted at overcoming challenges brought by clean air zone introduction, low traffic neighbourhoods, the pandemic and beyond.

  • Van Decarbonisation Award
    This category recognises best efforts towards decarbonising van fleets and demonstrating outstanding commitment to driving sustainable van operations.

  • Diversity and Inclusion Award
    For companies able to demonstrate how they are overcoming recruitment challenges and having right policies in place and trying to be the most inclusive companies with community engagement, apprenticeships and other programmes.

  • Van Safety and Compliance Award
    For companies demonstrating high standards of compliance and safety, particularly if they are a member of the Van Excellence scheme.


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To enter the category of your choice simply describe (in less than 600 words) how your business has demonstrated industry leadership and excellence in this area. That might relate to a specific initiative or project in employment and training, environment, customer care, technology, transformation, operational efficiency, innovation, safety or something completely different, working either independently or as part of a partnership. Whatever you choose, it will be something that has generated exceptional results, impact and is truly class leading.


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