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We have launched an online blended version of the Operator Licence Awareness Training Course (OLAT) to ensure operators can continue to receive vital compliance training under the government’s ‘social distancing’ rules.

This course is designed for individuals with the responsibility of supervising transport operations or those soon to be promoted into the role. This course is HGV related only.


Sample session clip:

Learners can access the content through our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), including 6 key topics relating to the rules and regulations: 
1. Operator Licensing inc. role of the Traffic Commissioner

2. EU Drivers’ Hours and Working Time.

3. Recording EU Drivers’ Hours.

4. Vehicle Maintenance Systems.

5. Driver Licensing.

6. Road Safety and Incident Reporting. 

Format of Delivery

Step 1: Complete the online modules before attending the webinar.

Step 2: Join our 2-hour online webinar.

Step 3: Complete your online assessment.

Step 4: Receive an e-certificate of attendance or achievement. 

Each e-learning module is designed to educate and inform. The modules enhance compliance knowledge and include subject specific information, images, quizzes and learning resources. The e-learning can be completed remotely, at your own pace.  

The e-learning is supplemented by a two-hour webinar event. During this session you will be supported by a Subject Matter Expert to discuss the key topics of the modules, provide guidance and answer any queries.



Following attendance at the webinar, an individual assessment will be made available online for you to complete. 
Modules can be completed on an individual basis and at the learner’s own pace.  To obtain full FTA certification all modules, webinar attendance, plus online assessment (70% pass mark) must be completed.   
On successful conclusion of the course an FTA e-certificate of achievement will be issued. 


e-OLAT learners’ feedback


  • The level of training was deemed excellent or exceeding expectations by 100% of the delegates.
  • The course content was considered as excellent or exceeding expectations by 86% of delegates. 
  • 100% of the delegates who attended the e-OLAT course have advised they would recommend it to a colleague.


‘Thank you very much. The standard was that of which I've come to expect from the FTA, and that is the highest possible’.


‘The eLearning / Webinar is an excellent approach considering the current circumstances, but in truth it could remain a very worthwhile process post pandemic’.

Course Dates:


All sessions will run 13:00 - 15:00


MAY                      Location                 
18 Online
25 Online


JUNE                    Location                 
1 Online    
10 Online
15 Online
22 Online
29 Online


JULY                    Location                 
4 Online    
6 Online
11 Online
13 Online
18 Online
20 Online
25 Online
27 Online


AUGUST              Location                 
1 Online    
3 Online
8 Online
10 Online
15 Online
17 Online
22 Online
24 Online
30 Online


SEPTEMBER        Location                 
1 Online    
5 Online
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