How often do you hear the horn?

If your drivers conduct a simple check (including the sounding of a horn) at the start of a driving period, it really can make a significant difference in ensuring the safety of your vehicles.

What's more, an effective check can help to save money through preventing potential prohibition and spot fines – thus increasing your efficiency and most importantly, improving your transport operation's safety.

Logistics UK data taken from 100,000 vehicle inspections reveals annually that a dramatic 50% of defects could have been avoided if an effective driver walk around check had taken place.

Furthermore, driver walk around checks are not only essential practice to ensure the safety of your vehicles on the road, but they help demonstrate your business' compliance with operator licence obligations.

Key facts and figures

  • The Logistics UK inspection database consistently shows that over 50% of safety defects should have been detected by the driver.
  • Getting your drivers to conduct effective daily checks on the vehicle can halve your risk of prohibition. 

How can Logistics UK help?

Logistics UK has a range of information, support and services which can help you ensure that your drivers carry out effective walk around checks. See below for more information and an action plan for you to follow. Alternatively contact us if you would like further information.

Action Plan


  • Plan or review procedures by making the most of membership material available.
  • Logistics UK members can access a briefing note on best practice when conducting walk around checks. Simply log in to the website to download it or call 03717 11 22 22* if you would like us to send you a copy.


Educate your drivers on their responsibilities.


Support drivers’ learning going forward through the provision of:

  • Posters in the transport office.
  • Individual driver cards.
  • Standard defect pads.
  • DVDs to provide ongoing training.

All products are available from Logistics UK Shop


Monitor driver checks on the exit of your premises.

Invest in Exit Gate Inspections as your drivers leave the premises to ensure they have completed all relevant checks

For more information on how we can help ensure your drivers are completing efficient checks please get in touch.