Penalty Charge Notices

Most fines for parking, loading and unloading are issued by local authorities and relate to the public highway. Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) are made under powers given to councils under the Traffic Management Act 2004.
The Traffic Management Act gives local authorities responsibility for managing roads in their area. Parking enforcement is one of the ways in which they discharge this duty. PCNs account for the vast majority of fines received while making deliveries.
However, fines known as ‘parking charge notices’ may also be issued on behalf of private landowners. These are made under the law of contract. For more information on recent changes relating to parking on private land click here.

Logistics UK members can find detailed information on PCNs and associated processes contained within the Logistics UK PCN Compliance Guide.

Further support is available for PCN management, including:

Driver Penalty Charge Notice Report

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