Time change reminder for tachographs

Time change reminder for tachographs

Members are reminded on Sunday 28 October 2018 British Summer Time (BST) ends and the clocks go back one hour at 01:00hrs Universal Time Co-ordinated (UTC) (2am in BST).

For digital tachographs, this means that local UK time will revert back to being the same as UTC – the time by which all digital tachographs record driver and vehicle activity. Drivers of vehicles fitted with older versions of the digital tachographs should be reminded to enter manual entries in local time from Sunday. For newer digital tachographs (manufactured this year), drivers should be advised to amend the display time accordingly. Logistics UK has produced stickers to remind drivers about UTC for older tachographs and local time for the new specifications.

Drivers of vehicles fitted with analogue tachographs must ensure the time is set to the official time in the country in which the vehicle is registered. So where a driver is the first person to take over a vehicle after 02:00hrs BST on Sunday, they must move the clock back by one hour to match UTC.

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