The logistics sector is investing in recruitment and skills to respond to the rapidly changing needs of businesses, the ageing population and reduced migration from the EU – which are trends affecting all communities and parts of the economy. ​​

In the short-term, there is work to do to manage acute shortages. ​​

For the longer term, the sector needs skills partnerships that reflect the breadth of high-quality roles across logistics and reflect how logistics roles support aspiration and resilience in communities across the country. Future skills development needs to go hand in hand with the roll out of new technologies.  ​

Key facts: ​

  • Two in three logistics managers do not have a university degree. ​

  • 68% of respondents the Logistics Performance Tracker (November 2022) were interested in taking on apprentices and, of those, 72% had taken on apprentices in the past year. ​

  • The latest Lorry Parking Survey published in May 2023 shows the utilisation of lorry parking facilities in the England at night is above critical level, at 87%. ​

For the short-term, we are calling for: ​

  • Sufficient logistics engineering and technician training courses offered be colleges, with those courses properly funded.  ​

  • The UK government to work with the sector to monitor and manage acute skills shortages, including by putting vehicle technicians on the shortage occupation list and for that list to be regularly reviewed. ​

  • Investment in and planning approvals for logistics facilities, to improve the welfare of logistics workers and improve the sector’s ability to attract a diverse pool of talent. ​​


For the long-term:

  • The sector wants to see logistics on the national curriculum, to ensure young people are educated on the importance of logistics to the economy and the wide variety of roles within it. 

Logistics Skills Review 2023

The Logistics Skills Review 2023 looks at the latest challenges and opportunities in addressing skills shortages across the logistics industry. Drawing on the latest data, case studies and analysis from our policy experts, this review includes key insights on the logistics sector in profile, creating opportunity, as well as future innovations. 

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