Access to Logistics Skills Funding Webinar - view the slides

Logistics UK, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and Department for Education (DfE) ran a member briefing about potential routes available for operators to recruit and train for key logistics roles and HGV drivers in particular. 

DWP and DfE recognise that the logistics sector is a vital part of the UK economy and the amazing work that operators have all done to keep the UK running during the COVID-19 pandemic. The webinar covered the support and schemes available: 


• Alex Farkas and Toni Moore explain the important role that DWP and DfE can play in addressing the driver shortage and supporting domestic recruitment into the sector.

• This webinar will help you understand some of the DWP and DfE schemes and services available, which in turn will help pivot jobseekers into secure employment in logistics and support the industry.



DWP and DfE are dedicated to promoting the sector as a good place to work for diverse groups of candidates and to addressing common-held misconceptions about the sector utilising their digital channels, communications campaigns across their Jobcentre Plus network, and through joint communications campaigns with Logistics UK.