Rail Freight Optimisation

Helping rail freight deliver for its customers

Growth in rail freight is important to supply chains because of the congestion and environmental benefits it can bring. By moving large volumes over trunk hauls, economies of scale can also be achieved, especially where consignors and road and rail freight businesses work in partnership. the record levels of intermodal rail freight movements and construction sector moves by rail are to be celebrated, and indicate the sector is one that should be supported to help it secure further growth.

Logistics UK has updated its advice about how the performance of rail in the multi-modal supply chain may be optimised so that it continues to grow by delivering for its customers, whether their business is in bulk products, such as aggregates and construction, container logistics, retail or other industrial products and automotive.

What is Logistics UK campaigning for?

  • A long-term stable fiscal environment 
  • A consistent measure of the environmental impact and benefits of rail freight 
  • Funding and support for innovation and technology 
  • A focus on efficiency improvements by the System Operator 
  • A joined-up approach to the planning of freight 
  • Robust contingency planning 

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