Delivering for Scotland

Logistics UK is actively involved in representing the Logistics Industry’s needs with Scottish Government.

Delivering for Scotland


The geography of Scotland is a challenge to operators, especially during the winter months; winter resilience is a key consideration for the government and operators, to keep Scotland’s roads open.  

Logistics UK represent the Logistics Industry and ensures Scottish Government considers any potential business impact when forming legislation in this area. Logistics UK is currently involved in supporting the following pieces of work:  

  • Transport (Scotland) Bill 

  • National Transport Strategy 2 

  • Clean Air for Scotland Review 

  • National Planning Framework 4 (rail);  

  • Future Mobility Package 

  • Strategic Transport Projects Review 

  • Scottish Ferry Services Plan. 

Logistics UK also supports regional work across Scotland including Regional Transport Strategies; and individual City and Growth Deals that are in place or being developed.  


Key facts

  • Over 150 million tonnes of goods must be moved by HGV each year in Scotland for the country to be able to function – that is almost 600,000 tonnes every working day of the year

  • 8.43 million tonnes of freight was moved by rail in 2013 and 56 thousand tonnes of freight were carried by air  

  • 44 million tonnes of freight were transported by water in 2015, accounting for a quarter of the total freight moved in Scotland (including exports)


What is Logistics UK campaigning for?

Logistics UK has six priorities for Delivering for Scotland:

  • Network Resilience (all modes) – Secure future investment (via Scottish and UK Governments) in Scotland’s Infrastructure to ensure that Scotland remains economically competitive and not disadvantaged by its geographical position. Logistics companies need reliable and safe routes to both export and import the goods that are vital to Scotland’s economy. 

  • Modal Shift – Secure capacity and maximise the use of rail, air and sea modes where practicable and financially viable.  

  • Environment Support Scottish Government vision for carbon reduction in Transport. 

  • Urban Restrictions – Ensure Logistics operators in Scotland are not unfairly targeted or penalised when Scottish Government or Local Authorities legislate for strategic changes in Scotland’s towns and cities (e.g. local environmental, speed and parking restrictions) 

  • Skills – A post-Brexit immigration policy should allow Scotland continued access to lower-skilled workers. Secure resources for Scottish Logistics businesses to utilise Apprenticeship and Training Levy commitments 

  • Environment/Technology – Support Scottish Government in exploring and trialling alternatively fuelled transport solutions. 


Policy Manager


Mags Simpson

Head of Scotland and Northern England Policy



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