Sharing resource to reduce financial impact

Having recognised the difficulties some members are facing, FTA would like to assist businesses through this challenging time by helping to distribute work and connect drivers with other logistics workers. To do this, we are developing a member portal that will enable businesses to share work and offer resources, which we are hoping to be available by the end of next week. This assistance will be further enhanced by the launch of FTA’s Logistics Efficiency Network Service (LENS) – a fully featured load-exchange portal accessible through the Vision system – from mid-April.


In addition, we have also introduced the #LogisticsHelpsLogistics campaign on Twitter and LinkedIn. By simply listing work available and including this hashtag, workers can search #LogisticsHelpsLogistics to find posts from other businesses, and this has already been used successfully to find drivers employment.


We are also able to connect members for support with other organisations. Following discussions with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), operators requiring additional staff (particularly those for warehousing) can contact DWP’s logistics lead, Alex Farkas (, to be directed to the correct Jobcentre contacts. FTA's LENS can also help those who have capacity can use available staff, vehicles and expertise to support the supply chain.


Members should also continue to check the daily coronavirus enews extras for any specific requests. FTA members who do not currently receive enews should contact

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