Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

What is CSR?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) aims to ensure that we conduct our business in a way that is ethical.  This means taking account of not just our company but the community, industry and world we work in.  It is about what we do as a company, within our community, within the industry in which we operate and at world level to ensure that we behave responsibly and assess our impact on society.

Company Level:

Logistics UK is a responsible business which not only complies with legal requirements but enhances practices through other standards such as ISO and IIP.  This is to ensure that Logistics UK operates in an ethical and sustainable way.  We are consistently looking to improve what we do for our employees through employee engagement surveys and what we offer to our members and we constantly review and improve our working practices.

Community Level:

Logistics UK considers how we can engage and support activities in our local communities such as work experience programmes, apprenticeships, charitable giving, fundraising activities and employee volunteering.

Industry Level:

Logistics UK works in partnership with other stakeholders and networking groups in the industry (such as Everywoman and Think Logistics) to improve quality, safety, standards and compliance on behalf of our members to drive innovation and change and improve what we offer in terms of our products and services.  Logistics UK’s Low Carbon Reduction scheme is another example of what we do at industry level.

World Level:

Logistics UK strives to promote responsible conduct by reducing our carbon footprint through efficient resource use, recycling, reducing office waste and energy consumption and considering the impact of our day to day activities on the environment in which we operate.