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Logistics UK has launched the Logistics Performance Tracker – a survey we will be sending every month – to monitor the ongoing impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on logistics and the health and needs of the sector.

The Coronavirus pandemic has had an extreme and far-reaching effect on all our personal and working lives, and logistics has been at the heart of enabling the economy to continue and supplying the goods people need.

Our survey work so far has enabled us to make effective cases for the many easements and relaxations agreed with Government – including those on testing, drivers’ hours and driver licensing.

We have launched the Logistics Performance Tracker so we can make the case for the sector on your behalf. Please take five minutes to complete the questions that apply to you and your business.


As the wider economy begins to reopen, Logistics UK needs your responses to:

  • Ensure we understand how logistics is recovering and whether parts of the sector are under stress.
  • Tailor the information we provide you and effectively target our representation of businesses’ needs.
  • Ensure Government understands the support companies require and what barriers are limiting a return to growth.


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Please rest assured that Logistics UK will comply with the GDPR and that the data collected through the survey is anonymous and you are not asked for any company or personal identification.


Logistics UK Industry Panel.


With the future shape of the economy and ongoing impact of COVID-19 still unclear, the need for Logistics UK to ensure Government understands the effect of its policies and the support businesses in logistics require is as essential as ever.

To help strengthen Logistics UK’s work on behalf of the sector, we established the Logistics UK Industry Panel.

Those invited to join the Panel are able to provide valued feedback through our Logistics Performance Tracker each month, which is then used as evidence to support our cases with Government.

In addition, members of the Panel receive a detailed industry report of the survey results, along with commentary and analysis of relevant, national statistics.


For more information about joining the Panel, please email our research team.


Learn about the findings of our Logistics Performance Tracker Surveys using the link below.

  • Survey 1 (17 June 2020):  Around 360 businesses completed the first Logistics Performance Tracker, averaging a positive score of 6.08 (out of 10.00) on how confident they felt about the business outlook for their companies in the coming six months. They also rated the current financial health of their company at 6.63 (out of 10.00) and said Government support in the forms of loans, grant and tax breaks, business rate relief and the extension of the furlough scheme would help their businesses return to normal levels of performance.
  • Survey 2 (26 June 2020): Around 200 businesses completed the second Logistics Performance Tracker, averaging a positive score of 6.06 (out of 10.00) on how confident they felt about the business outlook for their companies in the coming six months, little changed from the first survey. Nearly 80% said business rate relief would help their businesses return to normal levels of performance, deferring VAT/NI and corporation tax, extending the furloughing scheme and renegotiation of fixed costs, such as leases and insurance, were also important.
  • Survey 3 (7 July 2020): Again, around 200 businesses completed the third Logistics Performance Tracker, with scores on business outlook for the coming six months and current financial health decreasing to 5.91 and 6.28 (out of 10.00) respectively. Businesses continue to experience delays in receiving goods from abroad, and reducing Fuel Duty remained the most common answer when respondents were asked what would help their business continue or resume trading.
  • Survey 4 (August 2020): Taking on our new monthly format, August's survey revealed business confidence has plummeted since January 2020, though the outlook is positive and logistics businesses reported good financial health. Road congestion and delivery times are still favourable, despite commercial vehicle traffic levels returning to normal, with relatively few logistics businesses reporting parked-up vehicles.
  • Survey 8 (December 2020)

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