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President's Council, modal councils and working groups

President's Council, modal councils and working groups

Our President's Council, modal councils and working groups support the interests of the whole of the logistics sector on land, by water and by air.

Convening throughout the year, they engage with key stakeholders and decision makers from government and public bodies and inform our policy positions, so we can effectively represent the sector's interests.

Our Executive Members can engage with and potentially become future members of the President's Council and working groups.

Key campaigns

We are supporting key agendas to take logistics and the country forward, to ensure the sector can continue to deliver across the UK every single day, both now and in the future.

Policy wins

Logistics UK’s policy team regularly achieves policy wins to benefit the industry. Click below to see highlights of some of those achieved.

Responses to consultations

Logistics UK submits responses to parliamentary inquiries, government consultations and consultations held by other agencies on issues that affect logistics, to make the case for the sector, what it delivers and how policy makers can further unlock its potential.


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