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Stay up to date with news on key trends and keep abreast of potential opportunities and challenges for your business with our monthly news digest, Executive Insight magazine.

Plus, our Leading on Logistics podcast, hosted by presenter and former BBC producer Mike Young, covers the significant issues affecting logistics, from skills and decarbonisation to digitalisation and economic productivity.


The need to decarbonise – and to do so at pace – is arguably the most profound challenge facing the logistics sector. There is a growing sense of urgency in the industry as deadlines for phasing out the sale of new fossil fuel commercial vehicles edge ever closer.


The logistics sector is investing in recruitment and skills to respond to the rapidly changing needs of businesses, the ageing population and reduced migration from the EU – which are trends affecting all communities and parts of the economy. These reports explore current and future challenges in filling the breadth of high-quality roles across logistics.

Productivity and finance

The UK has a productivity problem. The hypothesis is if you get logistics right, not only will it optimise the logistics sector, it could unlock benefits for the wider UK economy too.


The logistics sector is standing at a crucial point in its development. The role of technology and innovation - autonomous vehicles, decarbonisation, AI and blockchain - will play an increasingly important role in its evolution.


Brexit has changed the way the UK trades with the EU and other countries around the globe. Logistics UK is campaigning for state-of-the-art trade facilitation measures that allow its trader members, and the logistics companies that support them, to keep trading seamlessly with the EU while also forging new global partnerships.


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