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Leading on Logistics podcast

The new Executive Member podcast from Logistics UK brings you expert insight from – and analysis of – the country’s logistics sector. 

Various issues have thrown the logistics industry into the spotlight in recent years, from a crisis in sourcing skills and fresh talent, to the political pressures emanating from Brexit and the rocky road to Net Zero. The sector finds itself at a crossroads, where the need to decarbonise is growing increasingly urgent. 

Over this series, we’ll be talking to people at the heart of the issues, including industry heads and those pulling the levers of power about the issues facing not just the freight sector itself but millions of British consumers too.


Leading on Logistics is presented by Mike Young, Head of News at Broadcast Revolution.

Young has been a BBC journalist, producer and presenter on shows including BBC Radio 5 live Breakfast, Drivetime and Morning Reports, BBC Radio Nottingham, the Smart Consumer podcast and most recently at BBC Radio 4’s You & Yours.


  • 6. The Logistics Report 2024
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    6. The Logistics Report 2024

    We are joined by Dr Sharon Ryan, Research Director at RepGraph, and Sarah Watkins, Deputy Director of Policy Information at Logistics UK to delve into the Logistics Report 2024. We look at the trends shaping the sector over the last twelve months, including challenges that those moving goods are facing.

  • 5. Preparing for the general election
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    5. Preparing for the general election

    As the general election looms, we look at what the logistics sector wants and needs from the politicians, whoever leads at the polls. We are joined by Ben Garrett, Deputy Director of Public Affairs at Logistics UK and Adam Payne, Political Editor at Politics Home.

  • 4. Mergers and acquisitions
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    4. Mergers and acquisitions

    David Wells OBE, CEO at Logistics UK, and Philip Bird, Partner at RPGCC, shine a light on many of the challenges and opportunities coming down the track for the industry concerning merger and acquisition activity.

  • 3. Technology and Innovation
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    3. Technology and Innovation

    A focus on technology and innovation in logistics. Mike Young interviews technology consultant John Court and Ben Garratt, Logistics UK's Deputy Director of Public Affairs, as they explore the latest developments in technology and how they will impact the logistics sector.

  • 2. Decarbonisation
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    2. Decarbonisation

    Former BBC presenter Mike Young interviews automotive consultant Tim Campbell and Logistics UK's Deputy Director of Policy, Michelle Gardner on how logistics operators can set their strategy to transition their LCV and HGV fleets to zero tailpipe emissions.

  • 1. Skills and Recruitment
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    1. Skills and Recruitment

    From Brexit, to the pandemic, to the cost-of-living crisis, our guest speakers take a look at the hurdles faced by the skills sector, as well as the current and future challenges.