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Supply Chain Resilience Programme

Chair's welcome and Logistics UK introduction

Discover more about Logistics UK's commitment to providing valuable guidance and support to the logistics industy in effectively managing potential disruptions to supply chains in the UK.

Phil Roe, President, Logistics UK


Keynote - Government's view of UK supply chains and plans for the future

We delve into some of the Government initiatives dedicated to enhancing the resilience of the UK’s logistics operations and domestic and international supply chains. How can we establish a robust and adaptable supply chain framework capable of withstanding disruptions and promoting sustainable growth?

Nusrat Ghani, Minister of State, Department for Business and Trade


Panel session - Supply chain visibility: from IT solutions to supplier relationships 

This session addresses the importance of achieving maximum visibility of your supply chain, from both a goods movement and supplier management perspective. We explore how understanding and optimising these two key aspects can help businesses enhance their overall operational efficiency and resilience.

Richard Tucker, Director of New Business Development - Supply Chain, Endava


Case study - Infrastructure for resilience - lessons from HS2

What insights have we gained from HS2 and how can this knowledge transform and evolve the transportation landscape? We explore the future trajectory of HS2 and its impact on reshaping road operations in the Midlands, as well as acting as a catalyst for a more sustainable and efficient transportation network. Join us as we uncover new opportunities for a modal shift towards rail.


Panel session - Global and local risks - trade route disruptions, military conflicts, ever-changing legislation and climate change

In this insightful panel discussion, our experts explore the various strategies that logistics businesses can employ to effectively mitigate both global and local risks stemming from an ever-changing business landscape. How do we navigate the challenges posed by shifts in political set up and evolving legislation to ensure that our supply chains remain safe and operational?

James Hookham, Director, Global Shippers Forum 

Darren Briggs, Director - Consulting, ARUP


Supply Chain Resilience modelling 

With continually shocks to global and UK supply chains, do you know how resilient your supply chain is? DSCH and Warwick Manufacturing Group will share their approach to resilience modelling and how if can be applied to your supply chain.

Tim Lawrence, Director of Digital Supply Chain, Digital Catapult

Dr Alok Choudhray, Professor of Supply Chain Management, WMG, Warwick University


Panel session - Is just-in-time logistics sustainable?

Over the past decade, the concept of just-in-time logistics has evolved significantly, with a notable shift towards localisation and sustainability.Through engaging discussions and expert insights, our panel seek to uncover the intricate dynamics surrounding the sustainability of just-in-time logistics. What are some of the key considerations for manufacturers and retailers, and how does it align with their broader objectives?

Ines Sordo, Sustainability Manager, Wickes 


Case study - Roads and other modes, how to ensure resilience?

During this panel session, our speakers examine practical case studies and initiatives aimed at offering advice to logistics businesses regarding opportunities for diversifying modal representation in their transportation operations, ultimately enhancing resilience. Join us as we discuss real-world examples and best practices to guide businesses in building a more robust and adaptable transport system.

Billy Dawson, Business Manager, CNS


Panel session - Do sustainable technologies and solutions equal sustainable supply chains?

Amidst the rise of advanced technologies and innovation, a crucial question emerges: do sustainable technologies always equate to sustainable supply chains? Our panel explores the latest automation in warehouse operations, including how the use of intelligent and fully connected warehouses can speed up supply chains.

Scott Merrick, Product Director - Automation & Robotics, Wincanton


Cyber security as key to resilience

In today’s landscape of interconnected and technologically driven supply chains, the importance of cyber security cannot be emphasised enough. Protecting sensitive data, ensuring the integrity of transactions, and safeguarding against cyber threats are paramount for maintaining the resilience and functionality of supply chain operations. What are the primary risks associated with cyber security and what measures can be taken to effectively mitigate them?

Stewart Room, Partner, DWF LLP


Panel session - Is your HR strategy resilient?

This session focuses on looking towards the future and building diverse and inclusive teams through a robust hiring strategy and the cultivation of internal talent. How can we upskill staff to avoid redundancies in the new tech era?

Gillian McAteer, Director of Employment Law, Citation


Chair's close and open discussion

A discussion on today's key topics and a chance to reflect on how you can manage the resilience of your supply chain.

Phil Roe, President, Logistics UK

Places for this event are strictly limited. Please register your interest in attending using the link below.