E-learning - Introduction to Dangerous Goods by Air, Road and Sea

Online Dangerous Goods training course is designed as a general overview of the Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Some of the world's worst transport accidents have been caused by goods not properly packed becoming dangerous in transit. Many goods, including everyday items are dangerous if not packed or stowed according to international standards. Throughout the world every year there are prosecutions for violations of dangerous goods regulations. Courts impose heavy fines on companies and individuals.

You will learn:

  • Your responsibilities in law for dangerous goods
  • The hidden dangers in everyday items
  • Why goods are classified, packed and labelled
  • What further training you or your staff may require

What you need to do now?

This is an interesting and stimulating programme, specifically designed for e-learning. It tells in easy language about your responsibilities in law for documentation, packing, transport, and handling of Dangerous Goods by air, road, and sea. It takes approximately an hour from login to printing your certificate. At the end of the course, there is a multiple choice test which has to be taken in order to receive your certificate.

Who needs to take this course?

Awareness of your responsibilities for dangerous goods is a legal requirement.

This course is for staff at all levels - director, manager, packer, production director, personnel manager, delivery driver, laboratory technician, supervisor, and warehouse staff. In fact anyone who in any way is involved with dangerous goods.

It introduces you to the regulations governing the safe transport of dangerous goods by air, road and sea, and is designed for anyone whether they are management or staff who should be aware of this subject and have an understanding of their responsibilities. It can, for example, be part of a company induction course.

You can register as an individual student, or as a sponsor who will purchase courses for others.

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