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General Security Awareness Training (GSAT) – Online Training

In line with EU Requirement 2320, GSAT training has now been in existence since November 2007 and all staff working in the Security Restricted Area (SRA) of a Department for Transport controlled airport will need to hold a current certificate. Newly recruited staff will need to undergo this training as a prerequisite to applying for an airport ID pass.

Who should attend?

  • Examples of staff requiring this training include airside office workers, airline operations and passenger service staff, engineering and maintenance staff, aircraft refuellers, shop, catering and other staff in the departure/arrivals areas.
  • Staff who have received certain other security training – for example, air cargo, in-flight catering, and job functions which include security as part of their training (eg security staff, air crew, etc), are exempt.

Benefits of course

  • Easy to use video based course.
  • Clear text for second-language speakers.
  • Multiple choice questions.
  • Department for Transport (DfT) approved training.
  • Administration system for employers.
  • Regularly updated to comply with latest EU and DfT legislation.
  • The course is short and easy to use and can take under an hour to complete.

Course content

  • The threat to aviation.
  • Objectives and organisation of aviation security.
  • Security Restricted Area and access control.
  • Prohibited articles.
  • The trainees role in aviation security.