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Cargo Supervisor (CS) and Cargo Manager (CM)

All staff with unescorted access to identifiable secure air cargo will require training to some degree. Exactly which staff receive which level or module is down to the specific company to decide based on their knowledge of the operation and the rules set in place by the CAA/DfT.

Who should attend?

  • CS – Cargo Supervisor. Generally policy and procedures are set in place under the authority of the Security Manager, it is then left to the supervisory staff to implement. Of course, not all cargo agents will have specific supervisor level within their structure, it’s then down to the Security Manager to identify the most appropriate person to assume this responsibility.
  • CM – Cargo Manager. All regulated sites must have a manager nominated to oversee and be responsible for the security operation. The security manager will be the single point of contact for the CAA/DfT who will look to that person to create and maintain the security programme detailing the security processes in place at that particular site.

Benefits of attending

  • Ensure compliance with CAA/DfT Regulations

Course content

Cargo Supervisor

  • Module 1 – The Threat to Aviation
  • Module 2 – Aviation Security – Organisation and Legislation
  • Module 3 – Protecting Air Cargo – Warehouse
  • Module 4 – Protecting Air Cargo – Drivers
  • Module 5 – Not Required
  • Module 6 – Reacting To and Reporting of Suspicious Circumstances and Security Incidents
  • Module 7 – Security Controls for Air Cargo
  • Module 8 – Warehouse Acceptance and Dispatch of Air Cargo
  • Module 9 – Prohibited Articles
  • Module 10 – Methods of Concealment
  • Module 11 – Overview of Screening Methods
  • Module 13 – Hand Search (optional)
  • Module 14 – X-ray (optional)
  • Module 20 – The Supervisor

Cargo Manager
All modules as above – plus:

  • Module 21 – Security Managers

Course duration and prices

Cargo Supervisor – 1.5 days

  • Member:£273 + VAT
  • Non-member:£341.25

Cargo Manager – 2 days

  • Member:£344 + VAT
  • Non-member: £430 + VAT

This price includes tuition, course materials, lunch and refreshments. Please notify us of any special requirements or access arrangements at the time of booking.