eCMR – electronic consignment notes

FTA has been selected by TransFollow as a UK distributor of eCMR, the electronic version of consignment notes. FTA will be collaborating with TransFollow to help UK logistics companies implement TransFollow eCMR data platform into their operations.

FTA specialist consultants will support implementation projects to allow the digital exchange of relevant information within the logistics chain at all stages from scoping and planning, to system and process implementation, to training and go-live.

TransFollow eCMR will contribute to increased supply chain visibility, lower transaction costs, reduced failure costs, streamlined transports and flexible quality control. Users can also expect to see improved efficiency and transparency, reduced administrative burden, and greater control and monitoring. Given the scale of EU cross-border operations, continuing to produce consignment notes on paper is, in the view of FTA, unsustainable; estimates show 200,000 trees are cut down each year to produce the paper required.

Digital processing of CMR notes is especially relevant during the COVID-19 crisis, where additional restrictions and measures are in place. The TransFollow standard for eCMR can provide immediate safety benefits for all parties involved - the recently deployed additional signing options which allow truck drivers and warehouse employees to continue to sign whilst keeping the recommended two meters social distance are a vital development in these challenging times.

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More about eCMR and TransFollow

The eCMR protocol

The CMR Convention was drawn up in 1956 by the United Nations with the aim of providing a uniform legal framework for national and international road transport. Most European countries ratified the convention, as well as several countries outside of Europe. In February 2008 an additional e-protocol was added to the CMR convention, which entered into force in June 2011. The e-protocol provides a legal framework and standards for the use of electronic means to record the CMR consignment note.


TransFollow focuses on innovation and the future of transport and logistics. Based on the interests from the sector to shift from paper-based workflows to digital processes, TransFollow developed the new standard for the CMR consignment note. The TransFollow eCMR is a data exchange platform, that is entirely paperless and fully compliant with the eCMR protocol.


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