Operator Seminar Attendees

Now you have completed the DVSA Operator seminars,  you will likely be wondering how to manage all the various elements to remain compliant and ensure you keep up to date on your obligations as an O-licence holder.

Logistics UK has been working on behalf of the industry for over 100 years tirelessly campaigning and working to make your jobs as efficient and safe as they can be, along with providing clear and practical knowledge on how to manage these expectations to ensure you remain compliant.

Membership of Logistics UK works out from as little as £x a day, you may be interested in Logistics UK's Vehicle Operator Membership! Here's how Logistics UK can help keep your business afloat:

Representation - Logistics UK manages and represents the interests of the industry at a regional, national and EU level, through a mix of webinars, round table events and our council structure, we garner your views and use them to educate the policy makers.

Information - Logistics UK provide various communications ranging from early warning notices of legal changes, right through to operational implementation guides, all designed to keep you in the know and compliant

Support - We support you every step of the way, from advice centres designed to deal with legal and operational issues through to account managers who will be there to understand your individual requirments


Interested in how Logistics UK Membership can support you and your business?

Logistics UK is there for the industry, and here for you! For more information, please enquire online or call 03717 112233*, to see how we can tailor a membership package to suit your operation! Quote dvsa19 to save £50 when you join.

*Calls may be recorded. For more information please see the 'Telephone' section of our Privacy Policy.