Programme Overview

Chair's welcome and introduction

An introduction from the event Chairperson


Transport Manager Calendar - setting the scene

An essential legislative round up and technical update highlighting the main topics on the horizon that you need to be aware of in order to ensure the safety, compliance and efficiency of your organisation.


A view from the Traffic Commissioner

An opportunity for delegates to hear from our keynote speaker, the Traffic Commissioner, understand their priorities for the year ahead and ensure you avoid non-compliance. Commissioner's will also detail the latest action taken on operators at Public Inquiries.


Enforcement updates and transformation work

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency will demonstrate how their enforcement processes are transforming.  The Agency will demonstrate a step-change in offence detection through joining the National ANPR Service (NAS) providing opportunities to increase the identification and targeting of non-compliance. 


Tyres, Technology and how to significantly reduce your fuel budget

All premium tyre manufacturers have developed a range of tyres that are more fuel efficient in terms of performance, this is demonstrated in the tyre labelling, but 98% of operators do not use these tyres.

Bridgestone will present the results of a trial they carried out with an operator where they ran a truck on normal tyres and another on eco tyres, these results speak for themselves.

Understand the benefits you could be reaping by discussing eco tyres with your own tyre manufacturer to reduce your carbon emissions. 


Demystifying Brake Testing

A roller brake test report which says "pass" at the bottom may give operators a "false comfort" over the safety of their vehicle.  Understand what a brake test is doing, and what the read-out is telling you.  


Trailer technology to boost profitability

Technology helps businesses work smarter and more effectively – and the latest developments mean the trailer can be turned into the most advanced element your fleet. 

Schmitz Cargobull will explore how trailers have undergone a quiet revolution, transforming from simple boxes on wheels into the fleet manager’s essential asset providing data, security and enhanced profitability.

Learn how the overall advancement in trailer technology has already changed customers’ expectations of their logistics providers, and how you can source skilled maintenance and support.


Reality Check - The Mobility Package

Changes in Europe to drivers hours, operator licensing and market access are likely to affect UK operators irrespective of the outcome of Brexit. Operators will need to understand what changes are coming.  


Vehicle terrorism threat and safety advice

National Counter Terrorism Police will present an update on the threat assessment for the UK of Vehicle as a Weapon attacks, work that has taken place in the past two years and introduce guidance to operators of vehicles on safe practices.


Traffic Commissioner Hearings - you decide

Revoke, curtail, or just a slap on the wrist? The Trafic Commissioners make decisions at public inquiries and driver conduct hearings which balance the need for road safety with the economic impact of their decisions on people and businesses. If you were in the TC's chair what would you decide? 


Reality Check - Brexit

The FTA policy team will give the latest analysis of how Brexit will impact road transport operations whether international or domestic.  


Employment Status for Drivers

Transport and Employment law specialists Ashtons Legal will examine the various employment relationships organisations may establish with all or part of their driver workforce including agency drivers, and those with apparent self-employed status. What employment rights will drivers have because of their status and how might the rules that HMRC lay down impact on an operator licence holder's obligations. 


Urban restrictions

A number of cities in the UK are breaching legal air quality targets and have been directed by government to develop air quality plans which may include Clean Air Zones or Low Emission Zones. This is a constantly changing picture, so this session will bring delegates up to date with the latest information about proposals which will impact on their fleets. London will be introducing an HGV Safety Permit Scheme and Direct Vision Standard (DVS) in 2020 for all goods vehicles over 12 tonnes. With a large proportion of the HGV fleet unlikely to meet the minimum DVS requirements, delegates will hear about what they need to do to continue operating in the capital.



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