COVID-19 Continuity Review

Logistics UK offers a review of the supply chain, existing operations and planned back to work operations that will enable safe working practices during the COVID-19 social distancing restrictions.   

This new independent strategic business review aims to identify areas which fail to comply with new health and safety legislation and spot bottlenecks and weaknesses in supply chains.

The review covers off all of the areas of your business from staff support, inbound and outbound flows to the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and your new operating procedures.


The review will ensure that your operation: 

  • Follows best practice. 

  • Applies comprehensive safety measures. 

  • Meets current Public Health England guidelines. 

  • Has been independently assessed. 


Using online meetings, a comprehensive survey and a series of one-to-one interviews, all backed by Logistics UK's years of expertise from across the sector, the new independent assessments will ensure operators and their people can have the confidence and independent verification that warehouse and handling activities are as good as they can be, that they are compliant with new government rules, and will provide identification of gaps in the operational process.

The success of any return to work depends on operational weaknesses being identified and eradicated, or at least minimised. While the whole economy scaling back up at the same time will create potential bottlenecks that may delay or derail the plan – such as increasing carrier volume, demands on the workforce, catching up with postponed tests or PMIs for vehicles and specialist equipment.

Our experienced consultants can help you review or create an appropriate Back to Business strategy, and the plans to execute them while also helping you to identify key risks, resources and mitigations to keep your organisation on track.

Allowing Logistics UK to independently review your activities has the benefit of providing you and your employees with the reassurance that your working practises are safe, your business continuity plans are robust and that you have done everything you can in this uncertain time. 


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