How to use FTA Chartscan

The FTA Chart Scan application is designed to allow you to scan and upload chart images to FTA.

Logging in and setting up FTA Chartscan

Make sure that your scanner is switched on and connected to your PC and ensure that the Panasonic Tachograph Utility is set to "On". If this is not set the tachograph charts will not scan properly or simply jam in the scanner.

To set this click on the Panasonic Tachograph Utility icon on your desktop.


Click "On", "Set", and "Close".


Next, double-click on the FTA Chartscan icon to start the program.


You will need to log in using the username and password emailed to you by FTA.

Please note: you will receive 2 emails, one containing your user name and one containing your password.

Click on Login

You will then select the location for those drivers whose charts you are scanning.

Once the correct location is highlighted, click on OK.

Please note: it is very important that the correct location is selected for those drivers whose charts are being scanned.

When you first use FTA Chartscan you will need to select the scanner.

Click on Select Scanner and highlight the scanner installed. This will either be the Panasonic KV1025C or KV1046C.

Once the scanner type is highlighted, click select.

Please note: you will only need to select the scanner the first time you use FTA Chartscan or if you change your scanner.
When the correct location and scanner have been selected you can then scan your tachograph charts.

Scanning Tachograph Charts

Charts should be placed face down in the scanner.

Drivers can be mixed but ensure that they are all from the same depot

Select "Start Scanning"


And then click Scan Charts



The charts will scan through displaying an image of each one as it goes through.

Once all the charts have been scanned the following screen will be shown.

All charts scanned are shown on the left hand side of the screen. 
Clicking on each chart displays it as a larger image in the centre of the screen.

We recommend that you check each image has gone through correctly ie making sure;

  • The image is clear and not distorted
  • The full tachograph has been scanned and not cut off at any point

Provided these criteria are satisfied, select Accept all scans

When you select accept the charts are uploaded for analysis.

The number of scanned images is shown on the right hand side of the screen.

The charts upload progress is shown at the bottom of the screen illustrated below:

As the charts upload, this number will decrease to 0.

Please note: you cannot shut down FTA Chartscan until all the charts that have been accepted have been uploaded.

If the charts have not gone through successfully select Reject all scans and rescan the charts.

Once you have accepted the charts the following summary screen will be shown:

Changing Depot Location

If you scan charts for more than one depot at your location you FTA Chartscan username and password will have been set up to include all those locations.

To change a location, select Settings


And then select Set Location

Highlight the correct location and select OK


Commence scanning.

If you have any queries please contact our Helpline on 08700 115715.

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