FTA Chartscan Installation Guide

Please contact our IT Helpdesk on 01892 552345 for help installing Chartscan.


Getting Started

The FTA Chartscan Application is designed to allow you to scan tachograph chart images to FTA for analysis. 
To use the software you will first need to ensure that you have either:

Panasonic KV1025C scanner installed plus the Panasonic Tachograph Utility installed
Panasonic KV1046C scanner installed plus the Panasonic Tachograph Utility installed

If these are not installed click below for the drivers:

Panasonic Tachograph Utility

Once the scanner and tachograph utility software are installed you can install the FTA Chartscan software.

Installing the FTA Chartscan Software

To install this software you must first make sure you have:

  • Administrator rights on your PC
  • Access to websites for Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Access to FTA SSL site

You should also have received 2 emails giving Username and password

If you have not received these details please speak to your Contract Manager or call FTA Tacho Administration on 08700 115715

Use the following link to download the FTA Chartscan Installer

 FTA Chartscan software can be installed using the instructions below.

Open the link and either Save or Run to install
Once you begin the installation the following dialogue box will appear if you do not have Microsoft WSE 2.0 SP3 or Microsoft .NET Framework V4.
Microsoft WSE 2.0 SP3 is part of the installation and provided you have administrator rights it will install automatically.

Microsoft .Net 4 Framework will be downloaded via the internet. If it is not already installed you will need:

The URL for the .Net 4 Framework download, shown below, to be made accessible


And Download permissions

Installing .net Framework 4 via the internet can take some time and you will be asked to reboot your PC once the installation is complete. We recommend that you reboot when requested to do so.

When you log back into your PC you will be linked straight back to the installation process.

Follow the on screen prompts to install the software shown below:


Select next to go to the next stage of installation. 


You will be requested to confirm the installation location. Default is shown above but if you would like to change it click ‘Change’ and select your folder location.

Click Next.


Click install.


Click finish to complete installation.

A new icon for FTA Chartscan will be displayed on your Desktop.


FTA Chartscan is now installed and ready for you to use.

Other reference documents for FTA Chartscan:

FTA Chartscan user guide
FTA Chartscan Technical Guide