Briefing Notes


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General operations

Changes to the Highways Code (September 2021)

Direct Vision Standard and Safety Permit Scheme Q&A (August 21)

10-year-old Tyre Ban (March 21)

Category B Driving Licence Concession (July 21)

Smart tachographs (April 19)

Changes to Driver CPC Directive and Driver Licensing Directive (March 19)

Gaps in Registration Number Coded into Digital Tachograph Vehicle Units (Feb 19)

Eyesight standards for drivers in the UK (Feb 19)

Rules Concerning EU Drivers' Hours and a Second Manned Driver (Jul 18)


Vehicle operations


Brake Test Report Guidance (Oct 19)

Use of Mobile Phones Whilst Driving (Feb 19)

Plain Paper Test Certificates for HGVs, PSVs and Trailers (Feb 19)

ABS Malfunction Indicator Lamps (Feb 19)

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) malfunction indicator lamps - roadside checks (Jan 19)

Fuel Efficiency


Clean Air Zones


Clean Air Zone briefing note (updated monthly)

Euro VI heavy duty vehicle emissions regulation (Feb 19)


Specialised operations


Section 19 and 22 permits (Nov 19)

Carriage of lithium batteries (July 19)

Carriage of dangerous goods packed in limited quantities by road and sea (March 19)

Carriage of fireworks 1.4G and 1.4S (Feb 19)


Special Vehicles

Overseas Operations

Freeports Briefing Note (Nov 20)

Insurance, Risk Management and Loss Control

Health and Safety